Money Matters: It’s not easy being green? Actually, it is!

first_imgThis week, DD’s Finance columnist Shona Chambers from John McColgan Financial Services explains why renewable energy is a smart avenue for diversifying your investments.It’s not easy being green, Kermit the Frog once lamented. But I’m going to explain today why it is easy to be green — and why going green should be a key part of your balanced investment portfolio.You may have heard a financial professional say something along the lines of “Diversification is a key point to consider when it comes to managing risk within an overall investment portfolio and that includes pension investments.” To many people, that’s about as clear as mud. But it is still vitally important to understand.When I meet new clients, I take time to get to know them, their circumstances, and their financial goals. This includes assessing how much risk they are comfortable taking with their money. As a way of lowering risk, I often recommend diversification, which is just another way of saying you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.Renewable energy might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about diversifying your investments — but right now, the sector is offering excellent returns and I believe it should be considered as part of your overall portfolio. The world’s energy requirements are expected to go up by nearly 40 percent over the next two decades, but fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas will make up a much smaller share of future power generation.Demand for renewable energy sources, such as solar power, wind power, and other green energy projects, is set to surge, with both public and private sector investment driving huge additional spending in the sector. That could have fantastic benefits for investors, especially investors who are taking a long-range view.Traditional energy sector investment is also under pressure from a movement called fossil fuel divestment. Due to well-known fears about global warming and climate change, many institutional investors, such as large pension funds, now allow investors to choose ethical clean energy funds. The demand is strong — in fact, the Guardian newspaper has found that a third of UK investors would prefer to have a fossil-free investment option.Governments and regulators are adding to the pressure. Earlier this year, Ireland voted to be the world’s first country to fully divest public money (the €8 billion Irish Strategic Investment Fund) from fossil fuels.At an EU level, pension schemes will soon be required to report on environmental, social, and governance factors as part of their overall risk assessment. These trends put greater pressure on institutions to move money out of fossil fuels and into renewable energy, giving a further boost to that sector.Shona ChambersIn short, the demand for renewable energy is growing and should keep growing for decades to come, which should result in strong returns for investors. If you want to make renewable energy investment part of your investment portfolio, and benefit from potential long-term gains, contact me today! Shona Chambers QFA RPA is a Qualified Financial Advisor and Retirement Planning Advisor with John McColgan Financial Services. You can contact Shona on 074 9124366 to make an appointment. Visit www.mccolganfinancial.ieMoney Matters: It’s not easy being green? Actually, it is! was last modified: May 17th, 2017 by Shona ChambersShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Financegreen energyinvestmentJohn McColgan Financial ServicesmoneyShona Chamberslast_img read more

Animal Magnetism and Other Wonders

first_imgWhat is it that so attracts us to animals?  Is it animal magnetism?  Some animals do have magnetic senses that can guide them across oceans.  The more we learn about animals, the more we should admire their high-tech equipment.  Here are some recent examples of amazing animals, some of them suitable for Halloween decorations. Eensy weensy wonder spider:  After cockroaches, spiders are the second most vibration-sensitive creatures, reported PhysOrg.  Researchers at the University of Vienna used scanning white light interferometry and micro-force measurements to measure the strain sensors on a species of wandering spider that detects vibrations on leaves to detect prey.  Strain sensors?  Yes.  Here’s how they work: “Team member Friedrich G. Barth explained that the spider has over 3,000 strain sensors in its body, mostly on the legs and in vibration receptors located near the leg joints,” the article said.  “Each strain sensor comprises a series of arrays of tiny parallel slits in the compound lyriform [lyre-shaped] slit sense organs that detect vibrations and movements. When forces are applied the slits are compressed and stimulated.”  And that’s not all: spiders can see in the dark and sense odors on their antennae.  Remember that when you see spider decorations for Halloween. Giant spider webs:  Some spiders can cross rivers with their giant webs.  The species Caerostris darwini, endemic to Madagascar, builds “the largest known orb webs utilizing the toughest known silk.”  PLoS ONE reported findings of a team who studied the web-building activity of these spiders that were just discovered last year (9/24/2010).  The webs of C. darwini are made of silk combining strength and great elasticity such that it outperforms all other known spider silks, and even most synthetic fibers, in terms of toughness (work required to fracture the silk),” the researchers said; “Furthermore, capture areas of C. darwini webs regularly exceed 1 m in diameter and are suspended on bridge lines that often exceed 10 meters, while the largest capture areas reach almost 2 meters in diameter and are suspended on bridge lines up to 25 meters in length.”  The team wanted to know how the spiders manage to bridge such large distances, and whether the silk toughness co-evolved with this ability.  They watched 32 spiders in action.  The spider starts by spinning a “bridging silk” that consists of several strands that catch the wind then recombine within 24 seconds into a line that gets tangled in vegetation across the stream.  The spider then “reels in” the bridging line, from which it can travel out and start constructing its large orb web above the water.  It drops a vertical line in the center, forming a T structure, from which it creates diagonals up to the bridge line, resulting in a triangular web.  Within hours, the web is complete.  Curious readers may wish to visit the open-source paper for details how the spiders build their world-record webs.  The authors could not do more than speculate on how their specific adaptations evolved.  Citation: Gregorič M, Agnarsson I, Blackledge TA, Kuntner M, 2011. How Did the Spider Cross the River? Behavioral Adaptations for River-Bridging Webs in Caerostris darwini (Araneae: Araneidae). PLoS ONE 6(10): e26847. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0026847. Glow in the dark:  What could be spookier than eerie green lights in the dark?  Biological light – bioluminescence – is common among marine and land animals.  Among glowing sea creatures are tiny unicellular animals living in surface plankton called dinoflagellates.  They give rise to the “red tide” under certain conditions when they bloom in large numbers.  During red tides, night-time beachgoers can see the waves glowing with a spooky blue-green light, and every step on the wet sand produces a hundred sparkles.  An explanation for how these tiny organisms scintillate when mechanically stimulated was reported on Science Daily.  Here’s how the article described the “novel mechanism” that produces a “beautiful natural phenomenon in our oceans”— As dinoflagellates float, mechanical stimulation generated by the movement of surrounding water sends electrical impulses around an internal compartment within the organism, called a vacuole–which holds an abundance of protons.  These electrical impulses open so-called voltage-sensitive proton channels that connect the vacuole to tiny pockets dotting the vacuole membrane, known as scintillons.  Once opened, the voltage-sensitive proton channels may funnel protons from the vacuole into the scintillons. Protons entering the scintillons then activate luciferase—a protein, which produces flashes of light, that is stored in scintillons. Ghost sense:  An article on Science Daily is permeated with evolutionary speculation, but the observational part is cool.  Many species of “primitive” fish, including sharks, paddlefishes and certain other aquatic vertebrates, have the ability to “detect weak electrical fields in the water and use this information to detect prey, communicate and orient themselves.”  Readers can judge whether they buy the claim that humans evolved from a common ancestor with this sixth sense that lived hundreds of millions of years ago, but it is remarkable that any animal would have electroreception organs and the brain power to use that information. Cookie cutter cats with steak knives:  PhysOrg had an interesting article about the extinct sabre-tooth cats that once roamed North America, Europe and Asia.  Fierce hunters, some were large, sleek animals, some with bodies like cheetahs equipped for pursuit, and others (like California’s Smilodon, found in the La Brea Tar Pits) were more muscular, like bears.  Facial adaptations, such as larger lips and jowls than seen in modern cats, added to their abilities.  Virginia Naples of Northern Illinois University, who owns two cute tabby cats, has a fascination with the large sabre-tooths.  With her colleagues, she has published a new book updating what is known about the various species.  One species they dubbed the Cookie-Cutter Cat “for its ability to chomp a large, clean chunk of flesh from its prey.”  It sported serrated biting teeth 3.5 inches long.  “It had a whole mouthful of steak knives,” Naples said.  Happy Halloween. Unerringly across the sea:  Among the animals that use the Earth’s magnetic field to navigate (e.g., birds, Monarch butterflies, sea turtles), inherited instructions somehow allow the creatures to find their targets without ever having seen it before (for a detailed description of the Monarch butterfly migration, see the new documentary Metamorphosis).  In the latest edition of Current Biology (21:20, R843-R846, 25 October 2011, doi:10.1016/j.cub.2011.09.002), Thomas and Matthew Collett explored how loggerhead turtles follow “signposts in the sea” to navigate their large oval circuits.  In the lab, scientists can alter the hatchlings’ swimming orientation with magnetic fields.  Out in the ocean, hatchlings mature for a few years in the Sargasso Sea, but then must migrate back to the Florida coast; fortunately, “hatchlings come equipped with instructions to provide this active navigation,” the authors said.  When scientists play a cruel joke on them (in the name of research) and put hatchlings far north near the coast of Greenland, they don’t know what to do.  Older individuals, however, can calculate the difference between actual and expected, and find the way back.  “The technique of teleporting turtles and other animals to magnetically defined places, which works so well for understanding the turtles’ inherited routes, is also revealing map-like navigational strategies in older individuals that have learnt or become imprinted on particular locations.”  Similar behaviors have been observed in red spotted newts and lobsters, the authors said. Rudolph’s coat:  Halloween’s passing means Christmas is not far away, with its iconic images of reindeer.  Real reindeer may not fly, but have some cool tricks for maintaining body heat.  “Insulated in a luxuriously thick winter coat, reindeer are perfectly prepared for the gripping cold of an Arctic winter, PhysOrg reported.  “But the pelt doesn’t just keep the cold out, it keeps the warmth in too: which is fine when the animals are resting….”  Problem: Rudolph has to bolt through the snow when Santa cracks the whip.  His body temperature soars.  Now what?  A Norwegian scientist figured out three strategies the reindeer uses: “panting with their mouths closed to evaporate water from the nose; panting with the mouth open to evaporate water from the tongue; and activating a cooling system that selectively cools the blood supply to the brain.”  Like dogs, reindeer have large, wet tongues good for evaporative cooling.  Problem 2: How does Rudolph coordinate the three methods?  Norwegian scientists took measurements by playing Santa and exercising their cooperative deer, and found that “reindeer use… a heat exchanger when their temperature becomes dangerously high”.  Heat exchanger?  Yes; “They began selectively cooling the brain by diverting cooled venous blood – which came from the nose – away from the body and up into the head, where it entered a network of heat exchanging blood vessels to cool the hot arterial blood destined for the brain to protect it from overheating.”  By inhaling colossal amounts of cold air, the article explained, “reindeers were able to inhale sufficient cold air through their noses to keep their brains cool, but only as a last resort once the other cooling tactics were no longer sufficient.”  And that is how heavily-coated reindeer keep their cool. There’s no end of wonders to study in the biological world.  How did they come to be?  By random, purposeless, directionless processes?  A reindeer needs all those strategies in place to survive a lengthy escape from a predator.  Turtles without navigation will never make it home to lay eggs.  Spiders without strain sensors and dark-adapted eyes could not eat.  Even the tiny dinoflagellates have irreducibly-complex systems to produce their mechanically-induced sparkles. Mutations are almost all harmful or neutral.  Beneficial mutations, almost unknown in genetics (the controversial examples often with damaging pleiotropic side effects) could never accumulate fast enough to create any of these abilities described above.  The Creator put into each animal the initial equipment to thrive and the genetic ability to adapt to changing environments, such as those encountered by the Madagascar spiders (no credit to Darwin).  An environment cannot create an adaptation any more than a mountain can create a mountain climber.  Let’s rid ourselves of evolutionary myths and face the facts of nature with humility and wonder.  Science should be a treasure hunt.  Kick the useless storytelling charlatans off the field, and let’s go hunting!(Visited 36 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

18 inch MEDIUM DARK BROWN : I have seen people commenting on these saying they smell like burning plastic or do not curl

first_img Bought these for my wedding,excellent quality,if you want longer thicker hair then these defiantly do the job you really forget your wearing them. Hair was delivered quickly & well packaged. As described, my only complaint was that i expected the hair to be thicker, when i have bought hair extensions before they have been fuller, but then they have been more expensive. They still look nice and seem to be of a high quality as advertised. Only slight criticism is that there’s more golden. Plenty of clips in the pack, i prefer mine thicker so i doubled up and sewed together, which works better. Only slight criticism is that there’s more golden tones in the colour that it appears on the picture, but i dyed them to match my own hair, which did the job. Lovely and silky and look very natural once you’ve cut them in. Would order again and would recommend. Really impressive product ,so easy to use and a really natural result. I bought as gift for sister and she was over the moon. Firstly to the negative reviews you can’t expect high end, high quality grade hair for the price so don’t moan about it, you get what you pay for with hair. If you want grade +++++ hair then pay the money for it. Iv had my extensions for a few days before i wrote this review to see if they were as bad as the review and they are not.If you want hair to just top up what you already have then these are great value and can’t go wrong. But if your wanting them for a full head then i suggest buying 2 packets for it to blend well with your own hair,the extensions can be curled, straightened and coloured. Yes there is a silicon coating on the hair like many other cheap extensions but once there wash the hair is much easier to style. Iv balayaged mine and they have turned out great. Hightley recommend for the price. Medium dark brown human hair extensions. I am not sure if they are 100% human hair, because of the price. They are really cheap in order to be. But they are nice and silky. I dyed them once also and they remain perfect. I had to cut the ends of these extensions so they looked more natural with my own hair, i also died them so they were the same colour, but they are good quality and only having bought one pack they give my hair enough volume which was why i bought them. Absolutely perfect and had loads of positive comments since wearing them. They feel really smooth and silky and are easy to brush and maintain. Nice colournice lengtha little thinned out on the hair but for £20 you wouldn’t expect a mass of thick hair anyway. So if you do have hair on the slightly thick side, and you buy these, buy two lots and sew them together taking the clips off the one lot before you sew. Picked standard delivery but it arrived within 5 working days which was good – not a very thick clip in so i wouldn’t suggest to use it if you have thick hair unless you are using this to bulk out a hair piece you already have which is what i did. I quite like these extensions, they curl nicely and although they are thin the one batch worked well for me as i have thin hair. Would recommend you buy two if you have thicker hair though as one wont be enough. Pretty sure there may be a slight mix but it certainly seems mainly real. If you have think hair and like to curl, or use these just for your nights out then they are ideal. For heavy use; i wouldn’t recommend. The hair was well packaged but was very thin and doesn’t weigh very much. I’m also pretty sure it isn’t human hair – it seems to have some sort of silicone coating on it which smells like burning plastic when heat is brought to the hair???. But the clips are good hence the good review :-). Purchased this solution wasnt anticipating considerably seen as there alot less costly than elsewere i considered value would reflect his but how incorrect was i. For begun the supply arrived on time as approximated. Very first factor i found when i opened package was how super gentle this hair quality was. Ive place them in for a brief take a look at operate, was definitely joyful as they had been now equipped with clips in sections so no messing all-around compared with other solutions, and the clips are alot much better quality they sense protected as opposed to types i bought in town in the earlier. . I couldnt be happier with this merchandise. Superior quality & selling price than anywere else. Hoping the vendor is however about to acquire far more when i want them. I have seen people commenting on these saying they smell like burning plastic or do not curl. I have not purchased these yet, however i already have clip in extensions which i brought from a salon (i am also a hairdresser) however i have found they are not thick enough so i want some more. I have seen people commenting on these saying they smell like burning plastic or do not curl. 1 – they come in plastic packaging so will smell like burning plastic the first couple of times you use heat on them. They also may need washing before they are used to wash off any products that may be on them from packaging, this may be while they are not curling. Easy to curl and straighten. Fast delivery and well packaged. Have used hair extensions before and this product is well worth the money. Easy to curl and straighten. I wear these every week so they can stand hard use. Amazing product,colour match was perfect to my own hair,lovely & long,easy to put in & take out,brilliant value for money,super glad i bought them. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to buy extensions online . Great price and great quality much better than some shop bought hair pieces. thin and low weightI have seen people commenting on these saying they smell like burning plastic or do not curlThin but decent quality.which works better. Only slight criticism is that there’s more golden top quality productGreat value for money.18 inch MEDIUM DARK BROWN (Col 4). Full Head Clip in Human Hair Extensions. High quality Remy Hair!. 100g WeightSet Contents: Two 8 inch wide wefts – 3 clips per weft Four 6 inch wide wefts – 2 clips per weft Four 2 inch wide wefts – 1 clip per weftSpecifications: Hair Type: 100% Silky Remy Human Hair Hair Style: Straight Hair Number of Wefts: 10 Number of Clips: 18 Set Weight: 100g Application Time: 5 minutes (approx.) Life: 6 to 12 Months (depending on care and use) Usage: Can be curled, straightened, tonged, washed & dyed.Whether you want long hair or are looking to add volume to your hair; our 15 inch full head set is the answer. Clips are already attached and the set is ready for instant use in just 5 minutes. You will also get instructions with images showing how to fit the extensions. This Ash Brown clip in hair set comes complete with 18 metal clips already attached to the wefts complete with silicone tubing for a secure grip. Customers with thick or very fine hair or who need extra volume should try our Deluxe Volume Set.last_img read more

Women engineers employed at Tata Steel mine in Jharkhand

first_imgPrivate steel manufacturer Tata Steel has employed women engineers at its Noamundi iron ore mine in Jharkhand, a release said. The company has recruited ten women officers from mining, electrical, mechanical and mineral processing engineering disciplines, the firm’s statement said on September 2.“Tata Steel is the first company in India to employ women in all shifts in mines from September 1, 2019,” it said. According to the release, measures such as sanitary napkin vending machines, canteens, rest rooms, female security guards, transportation and deployment of women in groups of not less than three in a shift are being put in place. Security measures such as GPS and CCTV monitoring have been implemented, it said. It added that written consent has been taken from every woman prior to their posting in the mines. The initiative comes after the Centre earlier this year scrapped Section 46 of the Mines Act, 1952 which restricted employment of women in the mines. Arun Misra, vice president, raw materials division of Tata Steel, said, “We are enhancing facilities to recruit more women in all sections of our mines.”Mr. Misra said employing women in mines leads to generation of innovative ideas and perspectives. The release said the initiative is in line with the company’s target of achieving 20 per cent women officers in the workforce by 2025, adding that all norms stipulated by Directorate General of Mines Safety (DGMS) are being adhered to. Earlier, the company had started two shifts for women employees at its Jamshedpur plant shop floor on April 1 this year, it added. A total of 52 female employees were posted at its coke plant and electrical repair shop floor in A and B shifts between 6 am and 10 pm, the release said.last_img read more

Sachin Tendulkar ‘shaken’ by Kerala temple tragedy

first_imgLegendary Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar on Sunday said he was “shaken” by the fire at a Kerala temple that left nearly 100 people dead.”Shaken by the tragic news of Kollam (temple). Thoughts and prayers go out to those affected. May God give us strength and resolve to bear this loss,” he tweeted.At least 96 people were killed and over 300 injured when celebratory fireworks led to a massive fire at Paravur town’s Puttingal temple, about 60 km from Thiruvananthapuram.last_img

2013 Title Odds

first_imgPhoto Attribution: US PresswirePhoto Attribution: US PresswireThe 2012 college football season has ended but it’s never too early to look ahead to 2013. Bovoda has released its 2013 title odds, and Oklahoma State is in the mix. Here’s the full list.Alabama – 5/1Oregon – 8/1Ohio State – 17/2LSU – 12/1Texas A&M – 12/1Florida – 14/1Florida State – 14/1Clemson – 22/1Louisville – 22/1Notre Dame – 22/1Miami – 25/1Oklahoma – 25/1South Carolina – 25/1Georgia – 28/1Nebraska – 28/1Stanford – 30/1Texas – 30/1Michigan – 33/1USC – 33/1Oklahoma State – 40/1UCLA – 40/1Mississippi State – 50/1Wisconsin – 50/1TCU – 66/1Virginia Tech – 66/1Boise State – 75/1Michigan State – 75/1North Carolina – 75/1Oregon State – 75/1Arkansas – 100/1Arizona – 100/1Kansas State – 100/1Rutgers – 100/1Tennessee – 100/1Washington – 100/1Cincinnati – 125/1BYU 150/1Pittsburgh – 150/1West Virginia – 150/1Auburn – 200/1Georgia Tech – 200/1Iowa – 200/1Missouri – 250/1Boston College – 300/1California – 300/1South Florida – 300/1 Best valueBama – Just becauseA&M – I thought they’d be higher than this.Stanford – Behind The U?!TCU – They could easily win the Big 12.Georgia – They were within a play of the title game this year.Boise – Not sure why they would ever be higher than 50/1.Worst valueThe U – Ahead of Stanford?!Texas – Another year of LOL.Florida State – When will we learn?Notre Dame – Title game participant not losing a ton at 22/1?Oklahoma State thoughts40/1 seems pretty fair. I was talking with a buddy while we watched the title game last night and we were discussing how so much of getting to the title game depends on your schedule and injuries (or lack thereof). OSU’s schedule actually sets up pretty well. At WVU, at Texas, and Mississippi State in Houston are dangerous but other than that, I feel good about it.So I’d say above average (not great) value at 40/1 for OSU.But at this point, how are you not just betting Bama, LSU, A&M, or Florida? You know an SEC team is going to be in it, I mean we KNOW this, so might as well get in on 3-4 of them and see what happens.I’d also put a few bones on TCU and Stanford. What does Stanford have to do to earn a little respect?If you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers!last_img read more

TIME FOR ME TO CHANGE Hedley going on indefinite hiatus amid sexual

first_img Login/Register With: Advertisement Embattled Canadian pop-rock band Hedley, which is facing mounting allegations of sexual misconduct, says it will take an “indefinitely hiatus” after its cross-country tour at the end of March.The Vancouver pop rockers have been under fire since sexual misconduct allegations began surfacing online two weeks ago, suggesting inappropriate encounters with young fans.Since then, a radio host in Calgary and a woman in Ottawa have also come forward alleging sexual misconduct and assault by the band’s frontman Jacob Hoggard. Facebook LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement In a statement posted on Twitter, Hoggard says he has never engaged in non-consensual sexual behaviour, but acknowledges his treatment of women has been “reckless” and “dismissive.”— Jacob Hoggard (@JacobHoggard) March 1, 2018The group has also been dropped by its management team, blacklisted by scores of radio stations and abandoned by bands booked as tour openers.The band’s next show in their Cageless tour is scheduled for Thursday in Brampton, Ont., but a March 11 performance in Windsor, Ont., was cancelled by the venue on Tuesday. The last show on the tour is scheduled for March 23 in Kelowna, B.C.Live Nation Entertainment-owned companies have been providing refunds to some fans who now regret buying tickets to Hedley in concert, but subsidiaries of the company have also been denying refund requests for others.Hedley also withdrew itself from consideration for the Juno Awards.. Advertisement Twitterlast_img read more

Cinespace to transform PortsToronto marine terminal into Port Lands studio space

first_imgCinespace Film Studios’ new Marine Terminal Studio project will add 165,000 square feet of studio and support space to Toronto’s film industry infrastructure right on Toronto’s waterfront – on the edge of the City’s Port Lands in the heart of the City’s studio district. (CNW Group/Cinespace Film Studios Inc.) Facebook TORONTO, March 2, 2018 – Toronto Mayor John Tory and Cinespace Film Studios (Cinespace) today announced the signing of a multi-year lease with PortsToronto to occupy and develop Marine Terminal 51 and the Cruise Ship Terminal into film and TV production facilities.Video of the current space and a designer’s rendering of the new space can be seen hereMarine Terminal 51 will become a new hub for Cinespace’s downtown productions, relocating studio capacity from their former Eastern Avenue site. Cinespace’s Toronto studio facilities are known for housing award-winning productions such as TV series The Handmaid’s Tale, and Oscar-nominated movie, The Shape of Water. Advertisement Advertisement Login/Register With:last_img read more

Government to announce fate of national MMIWG inquiry Tuesday in Ottawa

first_imgAPTN NewsThe minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations will announce Tuesday morning on whether the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls will receive an extension.The announcement is scheduled to take place at 9:30 e.t. in Ottawa.In early March, the four remaining commissioners signed a letter requesting a two year extension, plus an extra $50 million to complete its work.The inquiry, which was announced in August 2016, has been fraught with high staff turnover, including the resignation of its Metis commissioner, and the loss of two executive directors, and senior lawyers.The inquiry also does not have an Inuk commissioner.Some families don’t believe the inquiry is structured properly and see its inability to subpoena the RCMP and other police forces to testify as a major shortfall.Not everyone is unhappy with the inquiry.Other families say telling their stories to the inquiry has helped with their healing.Watch the announcement at 9:30 e.t. LIVE here: APTN News [email protected]@aptnnewslast_img read more