Instinct: ‘Somehow’ Is Not an Evolutionary Explanation

first_imgWhy does America’s most prestigious scientific journal put up with a story like, ‘somehow it evolved in an ancestor’?The word ‘somehow’ appears twice in this summary on of a Perspective piece in Science about the evolution of instincts:A pair of biology professors, one with the University of Illinois, the other with Macquarie University in Australia has proposed in a Perspective piece in the journal Science that the traits we see as instinctual in animals were likely learned by ancestors. In their paper, Gene Robinson and Andrew Barron suggest that those behaviors learned by ancestors wound up in their DNA somehow, making them instinctual behaviors in later generations….But where did these innate abilities come from? That is the question posed by Robinson and Barron—they suggest many, if not all innate abilities arise due to an ancestor learning how to do something and then somehow passing that information along in their DNA.To fill in the details of the ‘somehow’ so that it rises above the Stuff Happens Law, the evolutionists wave the word ‘epigenetics’ around. Their use of the word, however, is devoid of empirical evidence, rendering it equivalent to the ‘somehow’ hypothesis. Note the rise in the perhapsimaybecouldness index:The pair suggest such a form of natural selection could lead to behaviors being adopted at increasingly early stages, until they appear as if hard-wired into the brain, which suggests they might display it even before a given stimuli had been encountered. They readily acknowledge that no such mechanism has been found for converting epigenetic changes into DNA changes, but note that epigenetics is still a young science and that such a mechanism could yet be found.Does the statement in Science improve on this vacuous episode of imaginary hand-waving? It’s only one paragraph long.An animal mind is not born as an empty canvas: Bottlenose dolphins know how to swim and honey bees know how to dance without ever having learned these skills. Little is known about how animals acquire the instincts that enable such innate behavior. Instincts are widely held to be ancestral to learned behavior. Some have been elegantly analyzed at the cellular and molecular levels, but general principles do not exist. Based on recent research, we argue instead that instincts evolve from learning and are therefore served by the same general principles that explain learning.From this kind of explanation, we learn several things:We know what we can observe.Evolutionists ‘know little’ how animals ‘acquired’ instincts.Evolutionists ‘hold’ that instincts are ancestral.There are no general principles for the evolution of instincts.Explanations for learning and instincts evolve by convergent evolution.You can get away with empty speculation in Science Magazine, as long as you are an evolutionist.Their explanation suggests a conundrum: did the ancestor learn by instinct? That conundrum has a corollary: do evolutionists learn by instinct to devise evolutionary explanations?This is a good time to review the Three Steps to an Evolutionary Explanation: (1) Worship Darwin with all your heart, soul, strength and mind; (2) Observe a fact; (3) Confabulate a mythoid that says the fact evolved somehow, and offer it in worship to Darwin. (Visited 719 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

18 inch MEDIUM DARK BROWN : I have seen people commenting on these saying they smell like burning plastic or do not curl

first_img Bought these for my wedding,excellent quality,if you want longer thicker hair then these defiantly do the job you really forget your wearing them. Hair was delivered quickly & well packaged. As described, my only complaint was that i expected the hair to be thicker, when i have bought hair extensions before they have been fuller, but then they have been more expensive. They still look nice and seem to be of a high quality as advertised. Only slight criticism is that there’s more golden. Plenty of clips in the pack, i prefer mine thicker so i doubled up and sewed together, which works better. Only slight criticism is that there’s more golden tones in the colour that it appears on the picture, but i dyed them to match my own hair, which did the job. Lovely and silky and look very natural once you’ve cut them in. Would order again and would recommend. Really impressive product ,so easy to use and a really natural result. I bought as gift for sister and she was over the moon. Firstly to the negative reviews you can’t expect high end, high quality grade hair for the price so don’t moan about it, you get what you pay for with hair. If you want grade +++++ hair then pay the money for it. Iv had my extensions for a few days before i wrote this review to see if they were as bad as the review and they are not.If you want hair to just top up what you already have then these are great value and can’t go wrong. But if your wanting them for a full head then i suggest buying 2 packets for it to blend well with your own hair,the extensions can be curled, straightened and coloured. Yes there is a silicon coating on the hair like many other cheap extensions but once there wash the hair is much easier to style. Iv balayaged mine and they have turned out great. Hightley recommend for the price. Medium dark brown human hair extensions. I am not sure if they are 100% human hair, because of the price. They are really cheap in order to be. But they are nice and silky. I dyed them once also and they remain perfect. I had to cut the ends of these extensions so they looked more natural with my own hair, i also died them so they were the same colour, but they are good quality and only having bought one pack they give my hair enough volume which was why i bought them. Absolutely perfect and had loads of positive comments since wearing them. They feel really smooth and silky and are easy to brush and maintain. Nice colournice lengtha little thinned out on the hair but for £20 you wouldn’t expect a mass of thick hair anyway. So if you do have hair on the slightly thick side, and you buy these, buy two lots and sew them together taking the clips off the one lot before you sew. Picked standard delivery but it arrived within 5 working days which was good – not a very thick clip in so i wouldn’t suggest to use it if you have thick hair unless you are using this to bulk out a hair piece you already have which is what i did. I quite like these extensions, they curl nicely and although they are thin the one batch worked well for me as i have thin hair. Would recommend you buy two if you have thicker hair though as one wont be enough. Pretty sure there may be a slight mix but it certainly seems mainly real. If you have think hair and like to curl, or use these just for your nights out then they are ideal. For heavy use; i wouldn’t recommend. The hair was well packaged but was very thin and doesn’t weigh very much. I’m also pretty sure it isn’t human hair – it seems to have some sort of silicone coating on it which smells like burning plastic when heat is brought to the hair???. But the clips are good hence the good review :-). Purchased this solution wasnt anticipating considerably seen as there alot less costly than elsewere i considered value would reflect his but how incorrect was i. For begun the supply arrived on time as approximated. Very first factor i found when i opened package was how super gentle this hair quality was. Ive place them in for a brief take a look at operate, was definitely joyful as they had been now equipped with clips in sections so no messing all-around compared with other solutions, and the clips are alot much better quality they sense protected as opposed to types i bought in town in the earlier. . I couldnt be happier with this merchandise. Superior quality & selling price than anywere else. Hoping the vendor is however about to acquire far more when i want them. I have seen people commenting on these saying they smell like burning plastic or do not curl. I have not purchased these yet, however i already have clip in extensions which i brought from a salon (i am also a hairdresser) however i have found they are not thick enough so i want some more. I have seen people commenting on these saying they smell like burning plastic or do not curl. 1 – they come in plastic packaging so will smell like burning plastic the first couple of times you use heat on them. They also may need washing before they are used to wash off any products that may be on them from packaging, this may be while they are not curling. Easy to curl and straighten. Fast delivery and well packaged. Have used hair extensions before and this product is well worth the money. Easy to curl and straighten. I wear these every week so they can stand hard use. Amazing product,colour match was perfect to my own hair,lovely & long,easy to put in & take out,brilliant value for money,super glad i bought them. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to buy extensions online . Great price and great quality much better than some shop bought hair pieces. thin and low weightI have seen people commenting on these saying they smell like burning plastic or do not curlThin but decent quality.which works better. Only slight criticism is that there’s more golden top quality productGreat value for money.18 inch MEDIUM DARK BROWN (Col 4). Full Head Clip in Human Hair Extensions. High quality Remy Hair!. 100g WeightSet Contents: Two 8 inch wide wefts – 3 clips per weft Four 6 inch wide wefts – 2 clips per weft Four 2 inch wide wefts – 1 clip per weftSpecifications: Hair Type: 100% Silky Remy Human Hair Hair Style: Straight Hair Number of Wefts: 10 Number of Clips: 18 Set Weight: 100g Application Time: 5 minutes (approx.) Life: 6 to 12 Months (depending on care and use) Usage: Can be curled, straightened, tonged, washed & dyed.Whether you want long hair or are looking to add volume to your hair; our 15 inch full head set is the answer. Clips are already attached and the set is ready for instant use in just 5 minutes. You will also get instructions with images showing how to fit the extensions. This Ash Brown clip in hair set comes complete with 18 metal clips already attached to the wefts complete with silicone tubing for a secure grip. Customers with thick or very fine hair or who need extra volume should try our Deluxe Volume Set.last_img read more

Movember means MUST-cache

first_imgShare with your Friends:More Article written by Janelle SaylorIncognito ammo canAs men around the world started to grow their facial hair in honor of Movember, we wondered about mustache-themed caches, trackables, coins, and geocachers that could be out there. And we found facial hair from a can is pretty popular. Most geocaches encourage people to use a mustache in the geocache to share a picture of themselves, stache’d up, on the geocache page. Here are some of our furriest finds:‘Stache Caches:GC415QR Movember – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada GC57VAQ Moustache Cache – Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, United States TB5XQY3 “the Mustache made me do it” traveled 3,392 miles before finally landing on the upper lip of its owner TB4XPHF – Ridiculously Large MustacheGeocoins:Oh these soup strainers are clever…TB665G3 Geocoin Club November 2013 – Movember Geocoin even comes with a handy spot for inserting a “photo-op” stick. GC3F6P2: Facial Hair – Redmond, Washington, United States And finally, no blog about geo-staches would be complete without an honorary mention of Mr. and Mrs. Mysterious, aka TheVillans who bill themselves as, “the most feared geocaching team on the planet!!!” This dastardly duo caches in disguise leaving a comic book and a calling card in their wake. Muhahahaha!!TheVillansHow do you Must-cache? Share your photos in the comments and tell us about your fall-foliage and folic-y fun. :-{) SharePrint RelatedTake a stachie with a mustCACHEOctober 31, 2016In “Community”Nottingham to Nottingham Travel Bug RaceSeptember 12, 2011In “Community”Shop Geocaching April 2012 NewsletterApril 2, 2012In “GeoTours” Trackables:What about “a’sttaching” one to a Travel Bug then acquiring a few fun photos along the way?TB214CA PCTM – Picture Crazy Travel Mustachelast_img read more