The Opposition has already won

first_imgDear Editor,I was deeply disappointed in this APNU/AFC Government from the moment they were elected to office. My initial gut fears of disaster were confirmed shortly after, when their first official act within approximately four months, was to increase their already large salaries for themselves and later on adding multiple taxes on products and services for the citizens of Guyana. The country was on an accelerated decline from the moment they were elected to date without even a pause.Thankfully, the Opposition has not been asleep through this period and decided to take it head-on and full out for the sake of our dear country. I do believe that this Government thought that they would remain in office for the rest of their lives so they wasted no time in plundering the country mercilessly. I look as these hideous creatures smile and lie on TV and in short interviews so easily it seems unreal to me, not a word uttered by these Ministers can be believed. They only have their selfish gains in mind, absolutely not even a modicum of interest or care for the people of this country.I follow Mr Bharrat Jagdeo (a man whom I have always admired as President before) and his team very closely and I am absolutely pleased with the level of sincerity by all members of his party for the well being of this country. PPP members are all very professional and can each hold their own in their particular areas of expertise and I am confident that they will deliver when elected based on their solid track record, intelligence and logical approach to problem-solving and governing.These people are experts in economic policies and know the fundamental and intricate details relating to governing a country. Mr Jagdeo always delivers with confidence, insight and is informative during his regular and always highly anticipated press conferences. Without him, the citizens of this country would be lost at sea for vital and accurate information. His latest press conference to date on August 29 was particularly impressive.When was the last time any of these cowards in Government took time to hold a press conference? It is the least that they could do after robbing us for all those dreadfully long four years in office. Give the people a chance to ask them questions and have them face us. All that they are doing lately are “whisper outreaches” inciting racial conflict instead of solid proposals for the people and this country. Of course, open press conferences would be a disaster for them and would probably never happen because they are all guilty, ashamed and also very afraid because now they are feeling and experiencing the exact pain and hopelessness that we are! I have said it before and I’ll continue to say it; APNU/AFC has failed the people of this country miserably and soberly committed high crimes and misdemeanours and is not eligible to be on the ballot ever again.The Opposition has already won. The coming election (which cannot be delayed forever) is only a matter of formality now.Sincerely,Shane Lindielast_img read more