Stop watching depressing new news and start watching old news

first_imgEvery day, we are bombarded with all sorts of news. Even if we don’t want that news, it seeps into the ubiquitous screens that infest our lives. Many companies have attempted to help us tame the flow of information. They allow us to tailor the news to suit our tastes or they crowdsource it to attempt to raise the quality. While those are great solutions, they do not really deal with the fact that news is just way too unpredictable. Luckily for all of us, the internet and the past have teamed up with a group of niche collectors to serve an unexpected solution: Old News.For years, a growing subsection of collectors has been picking up and digitizing old VHS cassettes trying to salvage valuable memories and pop culture moments as they were viewed firsthand. Some of these collectors focus on short runs of TV shows, game shows, and even commercials. One of the smaller niches in this growing group of digital archaeologists belongs to the news collector. These amazing humans spend their time digitizing and posting news shows, sometimes with and sometimes without the commercials. The end result, especially with commercials, is a perfect time capsule that summarizes a moment in time. For many, it’s the perfect way to escape the barrage of annoying and depressing news and selectively experience a time, event, or region.So, if you’re one of the people who’s tired of living on the edge of now, allow me to turn your attention backwards, where the world and the news it produces might be a little bit more to your liking (or at least a bit more predictable). Politics1/6The multi-year election cycle got you down? Grumpy your candidate is not on top? How about we step back and remember when Jimmy Carter won his improbable road to the White House or six hours of election night coverage when Ronald Reagan defeated him just four short years later? That too far in the past for you? How about this famous segment of Bill and Hillary Clinton on 60 Minutes, or perhaps leap ahead to 2000 and hear then Governor George W Bush on Face the Nation? One thing you will take away from any political news you re-watch is that not a lot has changed, but at least with the old news you know how the story turns out.<><> Watching old news is an addictive pastime, and collecting it can be a fun hobby that helps to educate people. So, the next time you are rummaging around the basement at your parent’s house and you see a box of old VHS tapes, pick them up and take them home. You never know what sort of great material you might find on them. If that isn’t your thing, please send them to me! I would be more than happy to extract digital gold from that magnetic tape.last_img read more