Barnsley 2-3 QPR: Highlights of Rangers’ victory against the Tykes

first_imgYun Suk-Young scored his first goal for QPR, who ended the regular season with a victory and will play Wigan over two legs in the play-offs.See also:QPR’s left-back dilemma: the pros and cons of the four main optionsBond eyes ‘amazing’ promotion after winBarnsley v QPR player ratings Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img

South Africa fields strong team at Davos 2011

first_imgAgainst a backdrop of snowy Swiss slopes,a billboard in Davos invites delegates atthe 2010 event to experience South Africa.(Image: World Economic Forum) MEDIA CONTACTS • Brand South Africa  +27 11 483 0122• Zanele Mngadi  Chief director, Presidency communications  +27 12 300 5431 or +27 82 330 1148 RELATED ARTICLES • SA’s BRIC membership to boost country• Team SA punts country in Davos • Zuma welcomes world at Davos • SA hosts World Economic Forum • South Africans leading the reporterThe World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual meeting runs from 26 to 30 January in Davos, Switzerland, and as was the case in previous years, South Africa is well represented in 2011.Team SA 2011 is headed by President Jacob Zuma, who is accompanied by key delegates from the private and public sectors, including finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, tourism Minister Marthinus van Schalkwyk, and energy Minister Dipuo Peters.Brand South Africa’s CEO Miller Matola, chairperson Anitha Soni and marketing manager Sophie Masipa, among other Brand South Africa personnel, are also attending the high-powered gathering of political and business leaders.The 2011 WEF meeting convenes under the theme Shared Norms for the New Reality, and will address a number of concerns facing world leaders today. They include the rise of digital media and technology; the emergence of blossoming superpowers such as China and India; debt, joblessness and decreased growth in Western countries; and the failure of the global economic system to successfully address issues such as poverty, inequality and the environment.South Africa’s agenda runs on three levels. On a national scale, the aim is to promote the country as a competitive nation, and to attract investment to boost economic growth and create more jobs.At a regional level, the country will drive relevant issues of concern to the continent, and on a global scale, the delegation will promote South Africa as a competent player on the world stage.South Africa’s Presidency describes the four central pillars of the 2011 meeting as: • Responding to the new reality; • Economic outlook and policies for defining inclusive growth; • Supporting the G20 agenda; • Building a risk response network.Zuma is scheduled to host a dialogue with some 60 CEOs of international corporations, where he and his ministerial delegation will discuss opportunities in South Africa.Attractive investment and tourism destinationAccording to Matola, the country has already demonstrated its capabilities to the world, and although Brand South Africa’s representation at Davos 2011 consequently doesn’t need to be as big as the previous year, the organisation will continue to position South Africa as an attractive investment and tourism destination.Soni said that private-public partnerships were all-important.“At Davos 2010 our partnership with the private section saw South Africa represented at most panels and plenary sessions. We flew the flag high, but ongoing partnerships are vital if we are to successfully focus on what we want to achieve.”In 2010 Brand South Africa ran a successful campaign, titled Experience South Africa, to promote the country, which included huge, visually stunning billboards, featuring South African scenery, at Zurich airport and in Davos, and branding on buses in that town.Welcoming the worldZuma is expected to punt South Africa’s hosting of the 17th UN Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP17), which takes place in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal province, from 28 November to 9 December 2011. Zuma and Mexico’s President Felipe Calderón will lead a discussion on lessons taken from the COP15 (Copenhagen, 2009) and COP16 (Cancun, Mexico, 2010) conferences, and expectations for COP17.As busy as always, the South African president will also co-chair a discussion featuring the UN secretary-general’s high level panel on global sustainability, together with Finland’s President Tarja Halonen. This event will focus on climate change as a sustainable development challenge, and the related issues of poverty alleviation, food security, and energy management.The annual Davos gathering will lay the foundation for this year’s World Economic Forum on Africa, which takes place in Cape Town from 4 to 6 May. The theme is Shaping Africa’s Role in the New Reality and will explore ways in which the continent can play a bigger leadership role in the new reality.last_img read more

Tips on Developing EarthCaches in U.S. National Parks

first_imgEditor’s Note: The content in this article were first presented by Stuart West and Marcia Keener of the National Park Service during the 1st International EarthCache Mega-Event in Maine, USA on 2 September 2012. Share with your Friends:More Set up an in-person appointment with that person if possible.Be patient. If park staff are unfamiliar with geocaching or are new to this request, it may not be clear who will handle cache requests – and approval will always be interdisciplinary. In other words, although there may be one “lead,” several people may need to be consulted to get permission.Be informative. Many people do not have experience with EarthCaches. Some have had or heard about negative experiences with geocaches so they may or may not want to learn more. Perhaps you can demonstrate or teach the activity to park staff.Be flexible. Provide the coordinates you plan on using. Better yet, walk to your proposed location. You may get good feedback and answer questions in the field.  Park staff will consider safety, resource damage, and possible theft of archeological or natural resources.Be informed about the park’s purpose. Explain how your proposed cache, especially an EarthCache, might support the mission and help draw and teach visitors about the park’s resources, or that park’s story about our Nation’s heritage. The Lowly Worm EarthCache can be discovered in Shenandoah National ParkBy Stuart West and Marcia Keener of the National Park Service, Edited by Jenn SevaAre you interested in developing EarthCaches on lands managed by the National Park Service (NPS)?  Our friends at the NPS provided pointers so that more EarthCaches might be permitted. Remember that geocaches are prohibited on these lands until they are permitted. You must ask for permission first. There is no guarantee a request to place a cache will be fulfilled. But odds are good. To date, close to 75 EarthCaches have been permitted on NPS managed lands!BasicsThe NPS was created in 1916. Those of you doing the math will realize that 2016 will represent quite the milestone!  Today, there are nearly 400 units, like parks and scenic trails, within the NPS.  Although we commonly call them all national parks, only 58 have that official designation. The complete list details all NPS units. There are national monuments, national seashores, national rivers, national historic sites, and the list goes on. For simplification, we will call all NPS units “national parks” in this article.Why is this NPS designation important? Because that gives you an idea of the purpose of a park and a clue as to whether or not geocaching might be permitted. Why was a particular national park established? Do you understand its history? What must managers do to protect it? What are the interpretive or education plans? How might  you help carry out their mission?National parks are managed to a high standard, but do differ on types of activities that are allowed. The  likelihood of getting a geocache placed in a national battlefield park is much less likely than a national recreation area (NRA).  National battlefield parks may not even permit kite flying or Frisbee throwing because those activities are deemed inappropriate over the gravesites and hallowed grounds of those who have died for our freedoms. Conversely, geocaching may be deemed appropriate for some areas in a national recreation area.  Always keep basics like the park’s mission in mind when thinking of proposing a geocache.National parks are run much like cities.  Both have a police force, fire department, and rescue squad. They both have roads to repair and they both have educators, buildings to maintain, and trash to manage. Detroit is managed differently than Los Angeles, and LA is not managed exactly like New York, Atlanta or New Orleans. No two parks are managed exactly the same way. Cities and parks face a variety of unique challenges based upon climate, topography, government infrastructure, job opportunities, and available funding. Consider that a city exists in a particular area for specific reason. A national park is set aside to protect a specific natural or cultural resource.So, you have an idea for an EarthCache in a nearby national park.The following tips will likely save you a lot of time and effort.First task is to find out who will be your contact in the park before you put too much time into scoping out a possible cache location or creating text.In some parks, your point of contact will be the Chief Ranger, the person who is responsible for managing law enforcement in the park.It may be the Chief of Interpretation, responsible for education and information.The Chief of Resource Management may be your contact especially when plants and wildlife health are of concern.It is usually one of these three chiefs that will be your point of contact.  In smaller parks some chiefs may manage multiple disciplines, making your search easier.In some parks, the duty of managing Geocaches may fall to the Special Park Uses Coordinator (people often have numerous duties or roles in parks), especially if that park requires a permit for placing a cache. Everyone in the park reports to the park superintendent or manager. Next StepsDetermine whether you need a Special Use Permit by discussing the proposal and applying for one if necessary.When proposing an EarthCache, remind managers that EarthCaches were developed in partnership between the Geological Society of America, the NPS and be mindful of other responsibilities that park staff have. Give them ample time to review your proposal. Gentle reminders might be appropriate if many weeks have gone by.Remember that managers have the full right to approve or deny the application, have final say over content, and can insist that a cache be removed if there is a problem.After you get park permission, submit your plans to  Your EarthCache description must be reviewed by the park staff prior to final submission. Federal Regulations That Affect Traditional GeocachesEarthCaches focus on geoscience feature of our Earth and so do not need a container like traditional geocaches do. National parks enforce the regulations listed within Title 36 Code of Federal Regulations (36 CFR) when caches use physical containers. This is in violation of established regulations until permission is granted by the park superintendent and written within the Superintendent’s Compendium, the document of park-specific regulations. Two sections of 36 CFR are typically used to enforce park prohibitions against physical geocaches. A third regulation, 36 CFR §2.1 Preservation of natural, cultural, and archeological resources, has also been cited in cases where geocachers disturb the environment to conceal their caches. The two most common violations cited are violation of a park closure and abandoned property:36 CFR §1.5 Closures and Public Use Limits … based upon a determination that such action is necessary for the … protection of environmental or scenic values, protection of natural or cultural resources … , or the avoidance of conflict among visitor use activity, the superintendent may: (2) … Impose conditions or restrictions on a use or activity.36 CFR §2.2 (a) Property:  The following are prohibited: (2) Leaving property unattended for longer than 24 hours except in locations where longer time periods have been designated or in accordance with conditions established by the superintendent.Again, permission from park managers is required before any geocache can be placed on national park lands. Caches using physical components may be best in developed areas or requested near visitor centers.See stories on successful placement of physical caches in North Cascades and a Do-It-Yourself GeoTrail turned GeoTour.Reference Material Read the submittal guidelines linked from the main navigation. All EarthCaches are a type of geocache so they are also subject to the usual guidelines. Experience Your America ™ EarthCache at Acadia National Park EarthCache at Shenandoah National Park EarthCache at Denali National Park and Preserve SharePrint RelatedOne Woman’s Journey Brings Physical Geocaches to National ParksDecember 8, 2010In “Community”Happy 100th Birthday US National Park Service! Let’s Celebrate with a GeoTour!June 6, 2016In “Community”Inside Geocaching HQ Podcast Transcript (Episode 13): EarthCachesMay 10, 2018In “Community”last_img read more

Oregon Establishes New Labs For Green Building Research

first_img$1.6 Million to Study Green Materials and Building PerformancePORTLAND, Ore. — The Oregon Built Environment & Sustainable Technologies Center (Oregon BEST), a research center, has announced a public/private partnership that will invest $1.6 million in green-building research conducted at Oregon State University and Portland State University.New laboratories at the two universities will investigate green building materials and study the performance of building assemblies and completed green buildings. “Nobody else is pursuing green-building research and development in the multi-institutional way that Oregon is,” said Oregon BEST president David Kenney. “This initial investment is the beginning of what will become a center positioned to influence the green-building agenda at the national level.”Oregon State University will receive $920,000 to establish a new laboratory, the Green Building Materials Lab. The laboratory expects to study a variety of new green building materials, including hybrid poplar lumber engineered to be three times stronger than old-growth Douglas fir, new types of environmentally friendly concrete, and building insulation made from recycled plastic.Portland State University (PSU) will receive $651,000 to establish the Green Building Research Laboratory. The lab will specialize in building- performance monitoring and the use of infrared cameras for evaluating wall assemblies, ceiling assemblies, and windows. Researchers at PSU also plan to study how occupant behavior affects building energy use.last_img read more

India will beat Pakistan in ICC Champions Trophy: Sourav Ganguly to India Today

first_imgThe selectors led by MSK Prasad and Virat Kohli today picked the Indian team for the Champiosn Trophy, where they backed experience over youth. Proven match-winners in MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma were chosen as youngsters like Rishabh Pant and Sanju Samson missed out. Kohli’s team will begin their title defense against arch-rivals Pakistan on June 4 in Edgbaston and former India captain Sourav Ganguly has backed India to continue their impressive record against Pakistan in ICC tournaments.”India will beat Pakistan again in Champions Trophy,” said Sourav Ganguly to India Today.”In the last 8 to 10 years there has been a massive difference in the quality between India and Pakistan and that has been one of the major reasons why India has continued to dominate Pakistan (in ICC events). I believe India will do it again in the Champions Trophy in Birmingham on the 4th of June”, he added. India have never lost a World Cup encounter against our fiercest rivals. Our win-loss record against Pakistan in ODI and T20 World Cup matches in 11-nil.Including the Champions Trophy, this record is heavily tilted 12-2 in India’s favour. Such a level of dominance is rarely seen at the highest level of sport between traditional rivals. Ganguly says it is down to the way Team India has handled pressure in crunch situations.”In early part of the 90s and even in early 2000s, it is just that India played better than Pakistan in world tournaments because there was not much difference between the two sides as the Pakistan team was a fantastic unit then with the likes of Wasim (Akram), Waqar (Younis), Imzamam (ul-Haq), Saeed Anwar, Javed Miandad and Salim Malik. But 2005 onward the Pakistan team has not been the same as it used to be. They have lost to India on quality, they have lost to India on ability and somehow India has reacted to big match pressure much better than Pakistan.advertisementThe technique and quality of Indian players has been better than Pakistan. You see Pakistan there is rare brilliance but every time they have been under pressure they have tried to fight or hit their way out of pressure which has not worked for them. But every time you see India under pressure, they are a team which would seem have soaked in the pressure. They have batted and played difficult situations well and then have dominated during the course of a cricket match. But with Pakistan, every time they have been put under pressure by India with the ball or with the bat, they have tried to hit their way out and have not been successful”, explained Sourav who led India to a famous win over Pakistan in the 2003 World Cup at Centurion.The former India captain also gave his vote of confidence to Kohli, who attended what was arguably his most important selection meeting. A billion Indians will have their eyes on Kohli, expecting him to lead the team to victory not just against Pakistan but also to defend India’s title in England and Wales next month.”I think this is the best possible side at the moment and every player selects himself. Selectors did not have to pick or scratch or push one of the players to fill the 15 member squad. They will miss KL Rahul for sure and I think KL Rahul has been a wonderful player for India for the past two years but I think this is the best possible squad that is going to England and they have all the capacity and capability to defend their title”, concluded Ganguly.India’s first match in the Champions Trophy is against Pakistan on the June 4. The men in blue will also face Sri Lanka and South Africa in the group stage of the tournament.last_img read more