KZN’s flood radar ‘nowcasters’

first_img22 January 2003A KwaZulu-Natal civil engineering researcher has started groundbreaking work to help predict floods up to six hours in advance so that authorities can be proactive rather than reactive when disaster strikes.The Water Research Commisson is funding efforts by academic Geoff Pegram of the University of Natal to develop technology to forecast floods. This includes the ability to ‘nowcast’ where floods can be forecast up to six hours ahead, using radar technology and computer-based mathematical techniques.“Floods are a daunting phenomenon that can cause widespread loss of life and damage,” says Pegram, adding that floods in the province are expected to become increasingly destructive.Pegram says that using radar technology to forecast floods is more effective than using ordinary rain gauges, which do not provide real-time rainfall information and are poor at estimating rainfall in spatial detail over a large area.The technology is already being used. A model has been installed in the Umgeni Water offices in Pietermaritzburg and at the Flood Management Centre at eThekwini (Durban) Metro Water.“The weather radar gives an almost instantaneous picture of where rain is falling in great detail over a large area,” says Pegram.Coastal cities like Durban will benefit particularly from weather radars, as forecasters will be able to detect what rainfall is coming in from the sea in areas where there are no rain gauges.“An extra half-hour bought is a possible saving of life,” says Pegram.In addition, flood-prone informal settlements can benefit as the weather radar will be used as an early warning system to reduce flood damage and give water resource managers extra time to implement preventative measures.“It is hoped that this pilot study in KwaZulu-Natal will be so successful that other municipalities and water management authorities throughout South Africa will adopt the technology,” said university spokesperson Amelia Naidoo.Naidoo said the Water Research Commission had granted Pegram’s research team a new contract to run for three years, entitled ‘National Flood Nowcasting System Towards an Integrated Mitigation Strategy’.Role players in the study include Umgeni Water; Durban Metro’s Disaster Management team; Durban Metro’s Drainage and Coastal Division; the South African Weather Service’s electronic research, development and maintenance arm Metsys (Meteorological Systems and Technology); the Metsys team in Bethlehem in the Free State; and the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry.Source: BuaNews Want to use this article in your publication or on your website?See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

South African wine consumers on the rise

first_imgTraditional stereotypes about wine inSouth Africa are fading as a newgeneration of black wine connoisseursand producers enter the wine scene.(Image: Soweto Wine Festival) Thandi Wines was established as astand-alone wine company inOctober 2009.(Image: Thandi Wines) MEDIA CONTACTS • Matome Mbatha Wines of South Africa+27 21 883 3860RELATED ARTICLES• Hermanus wine route re-launched • SA wine farms invest in biodiversity • SA, France toast to wine exchange • SA’s first wine tourism exhibition • Transforming SA’s wine industry Wilma den HartighTraditional stereotypes about wine in South Africa are fading as a new generation of black wine connoisseurs and producers enters the wine scene.South Africa’s wine industry is viewed as one of the most progressive and successful of many wine-producing countries.The industry’s transformation efforts have been successful and new wine consumption trends point to a new group of emerging wine consumers.This is good news for the industry as it shows the image of wine in South Africa is changing.Changing consumer profileMatome Mbatha, Wines of South Africa (Wosa) market manager for Africa and the Americas, says that the industry has noticed a shift in the profile of local wine consumers.“There has been a great interest in wine from the black community,” Mbatha says.He says that South Africa’s growing black middle class is one of the reasons for the change in wine consumption trends. “These people seek and love fine things in life and wine, as a lifestyle product, resonates well with that need.”The availability of easy-to-drink wines has also helped to grow a more diverse consumer base.“Many black wine drinkers start to appreciate wine on a casual basis and gradually upgrade to more serious wine once they gain confidence in their wine knowledge,” he says.Wine festivals also play an important role in making wine more accessible and debunking the myth that drinking wine is a highbrow affair. At wine festivals, people who would ordinarily not drink the beverage have an opportunity to sample a wide variety of wine styles.An event such as the Soweto Wine Festival, now in its seventh year, is helping to cultivate an appreciation for wine.Last year’s Soweto Wine Festival attracted more than 8 000 visitors.Benefits of a wider consumer baseCharlaine Opperman, author of a 2010 report that investigates the marketing of South African wine to the country’s emerging black market, says the industry and economy stands to benefit from this growing consumer group.“If wine producers can sell their products to the emerging black market of South Africa, and create a strong and loyal customer base, the implications are astronomical,” she says in the report, which was written as part of her MBA degree at Stellenbosch University.Wine companies that can promote their brands to the black middle class group stand to benefit from an increased market share with more profit and a wider spread of products in the domestic market.Opperman says that another positive implication could be job creation. Companies would have to expand their production facilities, create new distribution channels and employ marketing agents to focus on the new market segment.“Bigger profits for the wine industry could lead to new innovations and better production facilities that will influence the industry positively,” she says in the report.Transformation success storiesTransformation of the wine industry has brought about significant changes to ownership of wine brands and farms.Mbatha says that Wosa has noted an increase in the percentage of black-owned wine businesses and wine brands.Thandi Wines and Sizanani are two examples of successful transformation projects in the wine industry.Thandi Wines became a ground-breaker in the local wine industry when it was established as a stand-alone wine company in October 2009.It is South Africa’s first agricultural Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) project. The company is owned by 250 farm worker families who hold 55% shares in the company.The Thandi community also holds farm land ownership over three farms, ranging between 50% to 100% shareholding. According to Thandi Wines, it is very rare in the South African wine industry for a BEE group of this size to own both land and have shares in the business.It is also the country’s biggest black-owned wine exporting company, as well as the first wine brand to receive Fairtrade accreditation.Sizanani Wines, the empowerment company set up by Bellevue Estate, is now 100% owned by the workers at Bellevue. Sizanani’s MD Randall Peceur says the empowerment of farm workers is the main focus of the company.“Before, workers would work all day in the vineyards and the winery but had no knowledge of what their future would hold for them,” Peceur says. “With this project they have a tangible link to their future, and more importantly, to the future of their children.”Sizanani Wines has had export success and the company has secured a contract to supply its label Chenin and Pinotage to UK supermarket chain Morrisons.South Africa’s wine industry growingTransformation in the local wine industry is far from over, and the potential of the domestic market is still very much untapped.According to 2010 figures, South Africa ranks eighth in overall volume production of wine. South African wine is also the fastest growing in the new world wine category in most Canadian markets.“South Africa has gained popularity in this market especially after the 2010 Fifa World Cup,” Mbatha says.According to Opperman, South Africa is classified in international wine circles as one of the ‘new world’ wine producers, along with Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina and the US.There are just over 100 000 hectares of wine varietals under cultivation in South Africa. White varieties comprise 56.2% of the national vineyard and reds, 43.8%.last_img read more

Why Klout Deal Is Not The Answer To Microsoft’s Social Search Strategy

first_imgEarlier this year, I was considered an influencer of the NBA basketball playoffs. I’m 6-foot-2, deathly white, with the hops of an oyster. Yes, I know that a pick and roll isn’t referring to a lobster feed, but that’s about it.Second, there’s the elitism factor. Many have done a better job than I could explaining the problems with Klout, which assigns perks to the “one percent” of the Web. But it boils down to the fact those with the most presence online – and the highest Klout scores – aren’t necessarily the most authoritative sources of information.  Third, adding Klout because someone searched on Bing for a Wikipedia article about them, as Klout indicated it would do, probably isn’t an indication that their opinion carries weight. It might make them interesting, true, but not necessarily an expert. It’s the “Joe the Plumber” problem.What Is Influence, Anyway?Microsoft continues to sail into uncharted waters with its new social search. I’ve argued before that the best use of social search is cultivating an engaged, opinionated network of friends, and mining their published opinions. In one sense, this is exactly what the Bing-Klout partnership has set out to do. Way back in 1997, Laura Garton and Barry Wellman of the University of Toronto, along with Caroline Haythornthwaite of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, published a frequently cited paper that attempted to define how infuence is measured by social networks. The trio concluded that four metrics determine the strength of a social connection:Relations, or sharing content (which can be emotional support, computer files, or money) between two peopleTies, or the number of different types of content shared (such as a professional relationship as well as a common love of baseball)Multiplexity, which assigns increased strength to how many ties one hasSocial composition, such as the relationship between a superior and an underling, or two peers.Klout essentially measures all of these characteristics already. If a friend and I are both reporters, that makes us colleagues. If he likes baseball as well, and his child is the same age as my own, that forges an even closer tie.Integrating one’s search presence into this takes the concept of social influence in a new direction. Bill Gates is indeed a popular search term. But so is Kim Kardashian. Again, the Joe the Plumber problem rears its head.There Are Other SolutionsThere are other social-network-ranking options. PeerIndex is one of the more popular choices, and companies like PostRank and HowSociable have also tried to crack the problem.“For the gold standard in influence measurement, the best alternative to Klout is citation analysis, where you look for authority indexes based on the totality of Web citations, that is, links or textual references to a source within a defined topical context,” Mark Rogers, the founder of Sentinel Projects, one alternative to Klout, wrote in 2011. “This process punishes people who are looking for indiscriminate followers and citations. It ignores activity, rewarding being talked-about over talking.“The thing is, measuring influence in such a topic-specific way is hard and bespoke,” Rogers added. “There are lots of firms trying to do this – Traackr and mBlast have already been mentioned.  We’re another one. These bespoke options require human iteration and heavy computer processing to provide network measures (influence, but also popularity, hubness and betweenness) that are much more nuanced than what you’ll get from self-service influence tools like Klout.”The problem that Bing and Klout face is how to appropriately value the Web’s opinions, and also how to assign weight to those who don’t use the Web as their primary communication medium. In some ways, the partnership between Klout and Microsoft is an obvious first step to addressing these issues, but that’s all it is – the first step on a long road. A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Audit Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification As Microsoft seeks to better quantify the influence of its social search, the company has partnered with the controversial online-influence ranking service Klout as a first step. It looks to be no more than a marriage of convenience.Microsoft said Thursday that it would make an investment in the company, and that Klout scores would begin showing up in the “sidebar” of its Bing social search. On Klout, meanwhile, experts who appear in Bing’s “People Who Know” section of the sidebar will be recognized on Klout, noted Joe Fernandez, the chief executive of Klout, in a blog post. People who have a Wikipedia account associated with their Klout profile will also be rewarded for the frequency that they are searched on Bing.“What’s interesting about our work on the Klout service is that for the 1st time Bing is an outbound signal for influence,” said Derrick Connell, Corporate Vice President, Bing, in a blog post. “Search as a new outbound signal is an interesting new development in the way we think about big data and how it can add value to lots of the other services we use each day.”While that sums up Bing’s goal, Microsoft could have done a better job explaining it in plain English. Here’s what it means for both companies.What’s Klout?“Klout began with a very simple idea: Everyone has influence – the ability to drive action,” according to the company’s website.  From a charitable perspective, Klout measures a person’s ability to drive conversations online in a variety of social media: on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ as well as smaller social networks like LinkedIn and YouTube. Your “Klout” – a numerical score – is compiled from the number of times you’re mentioned, for example, or how many times a post is commented upon, liked or retweeted.That’s the key metric for Microsoft. Klout’s single numerical score assigns a level of influence to your social presence, giving some indication of their opinion’s worth online. Klout also allows others to give you “Klout,” or “+K,” the company’s currency of social influence, in a given topic. For example, I’m an influencer on branding, games and music. In May, Microsoft added the “sidebar” to its Bing search engine, assigning influence from the friends of the Bing user. The sidebar also uses Facebook to solicit requests from users on which restaurant a user should eat at during a stopover in Seattle, for example, and uses geolocation data, published opinions, and automated, personal requests from those friends to get personalized results. Now, the Klout score will be one of the main signals of which friends’ opinions Bing will try to display.My Problems With KloutAnd that’s where the problems start.Because, first, most observers agree that Klout simply isn’t a reliable indicator. For example, it’s pretty wrong about me. I’m not an influencer of music. I don’t even listen to music. Really, at all. I find it distracting while I’m working, and during down periods I read, watch TV or movies, and play with my kids. I usually tune into sports radio in the car, only occasionally listening to the local alt-hippie-rock station. I can’t even remember the last time I wrote anything with a specific music focus, besides a few tweets on “Gangnam Style.” And yet, here I am. Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… Tags:#Microsoft#social networks#web markhachman Related Posts The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videoslast_img read more

Ford to skip Level 3 autonomy to keep sleepy drivers happy

first_imgDavid Curry Tags:#autonomous cars#Autonomy#driverless#featured#Ford#Level 3#Level 5#Self-Driving#top Ford plans to skip ‘Level 3’ autonomy and shoot right for Level 5, the highest level of car automation. The automaker decided to skip the midway point after it noticed a few of its engineers dozing while testing semi-autonomous vehicles.Even with “bells, buzzers, warning lights, vibrating seats and steering wheels, and another engineer in the passenger seat” the engineers struggled to maintain situational awareness, according to Raj Nair, Ford’s chief product development officer.See Also: Ford rolls out gas- and driver-less fleet of tomorrowNair said the more the engineers became comfortable with the self-driving tech, the less attention they paid to the road. This could be a major issue for automakers deploying Level 3 cars, which cede some control to the human driver.“These are trained engineers who are there to observe what’s happening,” said Nair to Bloomberg. “But it’s human nature that you start trusting the vehicle more and more and that you feel you don’t need to be paying attention.”Will loss of incremental improvements turn clients off?Going straight to Level 5 may hurt Ford in the short-term, as competitors will be able to offer some self-driving functionality to customers that want it. However, the decision let’s Ford power on ahead with its driverless dream, which it aims to have on the road by 2021.Ford said it would deploy a fleet of driverless vehicles in major cities in four years time. The cars will work similar to Uber, but without the driver. This should reduce the cost of the cab by at least half, since driver payment is the most expensive part of a taxi business.The company also said it would sell the vehicles to customers, but details are thin.Ford has shown how confident it is in the driverless future with a $1 billion acquisition of Argo AI, a small robotics and autonomous systems startup that held some of the hottest talent in the self-driving industry. For Self-Driving Systems, Infrastructure and In… Related Posts center_img 5 Ways IoT can Help to Reduce Automatic Vehicle… Break the Mold with Real-World Logistics AI and… IT Trends of the Future That Are Worth Paying A…last_img read more

Braxton Miller shows growth versus Illinois

Ohio State sophomore quarterback Braxton Miller’s two career games against Illinois tell of very different stages in his development as OSU’s signal-caller. Miller’s first Fighting Illini encounter occurred in the infancy of his time at the helm of the Buckeyes’ offense last season. The second start came more than a year later and, under the Ohio Stadium lights, his development was shown for America to see. Miller delivered a 52-22 win for OSU (10-0, 6-0 Big Ten) against Illinois (2-7, 0-5 Big Ten) with his arm and his legs – it was, perhaps, his most complete quarterbacking effort for the Scarlet and Gray to date. He was poised in the pocket, completing 12-of-20 attempts for 226 yards and two touchdowns. As always, he was ready to run, and did, compiling 73 yards and a touchdown on 18 carries. Back in the Horseshoe, Miller delivered crisp, on-target passes throughout the game. OSU junior wide receiver Corey Brown said he’s become accustomed to Miller’s throwing prowess. “That’s Braxton,” Brown said. “At practice, those are regular throws.” That’s Miller now, anyway. He delivered a victory against the Fighting Illini last season, too, but under much different circumstances. That first meeting with Illinois, an Oct. 15, 2011 game in Champaign, Ill., is perhaps the furthest cry from the player he’s become. Last season against Illinois, Miller was anything but confident, and then-head coach Luke Fickell and offensive coordinator Jim Bollman didn’t trust him as a passer. Miller attempted just four passes in last year’s game – his lone completion was an end zone-bound flick to then-junior tight end Jake Stoneburner for 17 yards and a touchdown. With Miller in his third career start for the Buckeyes, Fickell and Bollman took the pressure off his arm and placed it on his legs, as well as the legs of the running backs – OSU carried the ball on 51 of its 55 offensive plays as the team escaped the Prairie State with a 17-7 win against Illinois. Brown recalled last year’s meeting with Illinois, saying that, despite the win, he left Champaign feeling queasy because of the offense’s performance. “We had one completion for a touchdown – that’s kind of self-explanatory,” Brown said. “We all walked away from that game feeling sick.” Saturday showed how far Miller has come from that day in Champaign during the 2011 season. In the second quarter, Miller threaded the needle to Stoneburner, now a senior, on two occasions, found Brown in space and, on what might have been his best pass of the season, hit redshirt sophomore running back Rod Smith in stride on his way to the end zone for a 51-yard touchdown reception. All the while, the threat of Miller taking off and running loomed large for the Illinois defense. For the Buckeyes, that same threat was a luxury item – it was there if they needed it. In 2011, Miller’s rushing was a necessity. The difference between Saturday’s and last year’s game against the Illini, Miller said, was experience. “Getting my feet under me and staying under control,” Miller said. “It works out.” First-year OSU coach Urban Meyer said he sees room, and a need, for continued improvement from Miller as a passer. Specifically, Miller needs to improve in the dropback pass, Meyer said. “The area we’re not efficient enough is the dropback pass, and we have to while he’s not a dropback passer,” Meyer said. “The play action game is pretty solid. That’s what you see. Those plays, those aren’t dropback passes … we’re just not there yet.” In the midst of Meyer’s call for improved passing, there’s also an acknowledgement of Miller’s growth, especially considering the seemingly-stagnant 1-of-4 passing performance in Champaign last year. Just ask Brown, OSU’s leader in receptions and receiving yards. Brown lauded Miller for his tremendous improvement since that game. “(Miller’s a) very accurate passer now,” Brown said. “If teams are preparing for just his feet, he can beat you with his arm now.” OSU will have a bye week this weekend before resuming play at Wisconsin Nov. 17. Kickoff time for the game against the Badgers has not been announced. The Buckeyes will return to Ohio Stadium for the Nov. 24 season finale against Michigan. read more

Ohio State womens basketball drops 4th straight game loses to Michigan State

Sophomore guard Ameryst Alston (14) dribbles up the court during a game against Penn State Feb. 9 at the Schottenstein Center. OSU lost, 74-54.Credit: Ritika Shah / Asst. photo editorIt is never easy to win a game when playing from behind, and it’s even harder when you are losing before the ball is even tipped.That is exactly what happened to the Ohio State women’s basketball team (14-14, 4-8) Saturday as the team’s bench was assessed a technical foul for not handing in a starting lineup on time to the officials. Michigan State freshman guard Tori Jankoska made one of two free throw attempts and the Buckeyes found themselves behind before the game started.The Buckeyes never led Saturday as they dropped their fourth straight game, falling to No. 25 Michigan State (17-8, 9-3), 70-49.“That is a first,” OSU coach Kevin McGuff said about the technical foul in an OSU press release. “We have an assistant coach who does it (handles the lineup assignment) and it did not get executed.”The Buckeyes trailed by as many as 28 points in the second half in large part because of a lack of rebounding.OSU, who had outrebounded then-No. 9 Penn State in their last game Feb. 9, was beat on the glass 57-33 by the Spartans, something that frustrated McGuff.“In general, our effort was very poor,” McGuff said. “We were very bad on the boards and they were very aggressive. We did not have a lot of fight.”The Buckeye offense lacked balance as well, with sophomore guard Ameryst Alston attempting a game-high 32 shots and making 11. Alston took 47 percent of OSU’s shots. She finished with a game-high 25 points.MSU, on the other hand, had four of its five starters score in double figures including 17 from both junior forward Becca Mills and senior forward Annalise Pickrel.“I think everyone having a good all-around game is very important especially with rebounds and everything,” Pickrel said in a postgame press release. “It really ignites our energy in transition.”OSU redshirt-freshman center Lisa Blair recorded a career-high 21 minutes played and four blocks. Despite the career-highs, Blair did not score, attempting just one shot.With Blair playing so many minutes, senior center Ashley Adams played only four minutes and was held scoreless.“Whoever is going to play the hardest is who we’re going to play,” McGuff said of his post players. “Tonight, she (Blair) played harder, so I put her in the game.”The Buckeyes received just seven points from their bench Saturday, all of which were provided by junior guard Raven Ferguson who finished 3-10 shooting.OSU is set to return home Thursday night to take on the No. 21 Nebraska Cornhuskers (19-5, 9-3) at the Schottenstein Center. It is set to be the only meeting between the two teams this season. read more

Sampaoli happy with his sides performance

first_imgJorge Sampaoli was very happy to see his team’s win over Italy as they were able to beat the experienced team 2-0 even without the biggest start, Lionel Messi, and showed a great performance which could help them to gain the confidence ahead of the tournament.This match was played in Manchester and Argentina gained a huge win thanks to late goals from Ever Banega and Manuel Lanzini – and they were able to do so even without injured Lionel Messi and Sergio Agüero who just watched the game from the stands.The former Sevilla coach spoke about this match as he said, according to Sport BT:“The team showed a lot of stability for much of the game and took advantage of the virtues of the players who played.”“We now have to build on the good work we generated. The group is developing.”Cristiano Ronaldo, JuventusSerie A Betting: Match-day 3 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Considering there is a number of perfect starts so early in the Serie A season, as well as a few surprisingly not-so perfect ones….“Higuain led a lot of attacks and played the pass for the second goal very well.”Meanwhile, Italy coach Luigi Di Biagio thinks that the result was undeserved:“It is a harsh result. Throughout the game, particularly in the second half, I was thinking 0-0 would be a bad result and was hoping to win.”“I saw the disappointment in the eyes of the players but we must try again.”last_img read more

Thomas Tuchel Silva react to PSG win over Nantes

first_imgParis Saint-Germain manager Thomas Tuchel has revealed his thoughts about the team’s 1-0 win over Nantes on Saturday.French forward Kylian Mbappe scored just after the hour mark to hand the champions their 15th league win of the season.“We lacked precision, which is unusual for us. In spite of everything, it was a good match, we controlled it.” Tuchel said according to the club’s official website.“It was tight, but we had a lot of chances, and showed a lot of patience and confidence. I’m very happy. This first half of the season has been extraordinary. We won our opening games and continued winning.”Thiago Silva also spoke about the win, saying:Colin Dagba, France,How Dagba become one of PSG’s regulars Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 21-year-old full-back Colin Dagba had a very difficult time to break into professional football, but now he’s one of PSG’s regular players.“I think it was a good match despite everything. We created a lot of chances that we didn’t manage to put away. If we had scored earlier, the game would surely have been different. Nantes sat deep and played on the counter-attack.”“Defensively, we were solid. We have worked very well in this first half of the season. Everyone should be congratulated for the work they have done so far. We have to keep going like that as that will enable us to go far.”The match winner, Mbappe also has this to say:“It was the last game of a long year with a lot of matches. We were tired, but we wanted to pick up one last win to go off on holiday with a sense of mission accomplished, round off a great year and a great first half to the season. We’re now going to rest and recharge our batteries. My goal? It’s not the most beautiful, but it’s important because it gave us the win.”last_img read more

Fourteen holidays in TCI 2016

first_img Related Items:national holiday 2016 Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 11 Nov 2015 – The 2016 list of Turks and Caicos public holidays is released. There are the usual 12 holidays but all together 14 days off are registered which includes an extended start to the final week of 2016, thanks to Christmas and Boxing Day holidays.See list from TCIG,LISTING OF SPECIAL DAYS & PUBLIC HOLIDAYS FOR 2016TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDSNEW YEAR’S DAY JANUARY 1st FRIDAYCOMMONWEALTH DAY MARCH 14TH MONDAYGOOD FRIDAY MARCH 25TH FRIDAYEASTER MONDAY MARCH 28TH MONDAYNATIONAL HEROES DAY MAY 30TH MONDAYHER MAJESTY THE QUEEN’S JUNE 13TH MONDAYOFFICIAL BIRTHDAYEMANCIPATION DAY AUGUST 1st MONDAYNATIONAL YOUTH DAY SEPTEMBER 30TH FRIDAYNATIONAL HERITAGE DAY* OCTOBER 10TH MONDAY(Formerly Columbus Day)NATIONAL DAY OF THANKSGIVING NOVEMBER 25th FRIDAYCHRISTMAS DAY DECEMBER 25th SUNDAY***OBSERVED DECEMBER 26TH MONDAYBOXING DAY DECEMBER 26th MONDAY***OBSERVED DECEMBER 27TH TUESDAYNOTE THESE CHANGES**AS OF 2014, OCTOBER WILL BE CELEBRATED AS NATIONAL HERITAGE MONTHRemembrance Day November 10International Human Rights Day December 10Please note that these are not public holidays.last_img read more

Lewandowski I could see myself ending my career at Bayern Munich

first_imgRobert Lewandowski is not thinking about leaving Bayern Munich anytime soon, despite being linked with lucrative moves away from the clubThe Polish striker is highly-rated within the football world following an impressive eight years in Germany with both Borussia Dortmund and Bayern.In fact, Lewandowski has scored 190 goals in 273 Bundesliga games and is just another four goals shy of equaling Bayern legend Claudio Pizarro as the league’s fifth-highest scorer.Despite having been linked with moves to Real Madrid, Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain over the past year, Lewandowski announced he only identifies with Bayern.Jadon SanchoMerson believes Arsenal should sign Sancho Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho might be the perfect player to play for the Gunners, according to former England international Paul Merson.“There’s a very good chance I’ll be here for a long time yet,” Lewandowski told Sport Bild.“I’m not thinking about going anywhere else. Since putting the rumours to rest, my heart has been 100 per cent with Bayern.“I fully identify with the club. I could definitely see myself ending my career at Bayern.”Lewandowski, who has already scored 22 goals in 24 appearances across all competitions this season, is contracted at Bayern until 2021.last_img read more