Judge rules that plastic surgery was wrongly denied for three HIV patients

first_imgTorres wrote in the opinion that the firm, Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, failed to properly consider the medical facts before making the decision not to operate.She said that it was up to the firm to prove that “the application of any criteria screening out individuals with HIV was ‘necessary’.”The ruling comes after Mark Milano filed the lawsuit in 2015 and claimed that the firm had a blanket policy of refusing surgery to anyone who is HIV positive no matter the circumstances.Related: Donald Trump manages to forget about the LGBT community on World AIDS DayLawyers for the firm said that the case boiled down to whether their licensed physicians could be held liable for refusing the surgery based on their own judgement of the patients’ medical history.They wrote: “This case is not about a physician who holds discriminatory animus toward HIV+ patients. eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) A judge has ruled that a cosmetic surgery firm which refused to operate on three patients because of their positive HIV status did so wrongly.U.S. District Judge Analisa Torres ruled that the decision to deny breast reduction surgery to three men violated the Americans with Disabilities Act.  “Importantly, this case is not about fear of infection by the physician or his staff when treating HIV+ patients.”However, the judge concluded that the blanket refusal of HIV positive clients was “insufficient”.Related: Around half of HIV+ people in Asia-Pacific don’t have access to life-saving drugsThe claimant’s lawyer, Ali Frick, said: “Discrimination against people living with HIV remains a pervasive problem.“A doctor cannot hide behind his medical degree to discriminate against patients.”Scott Schoettes, an attorney and HIV Project director at Lambda Legal told NBC News: “Sadly, this type of discrimination — even by doctors — is far too common.“Twenty years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court decided (in Bragdon v. Abbott) that health providers cannot hide behind their personal ignorance regarding the facts about HIV to deny people services.“Very rarely would a person’s HIV status provide a valid medical reason not to perform a health service, and people living with HIV should know that and assert their rights in situations like this.”Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Russia bans another gay website, one dedicated to HIV education‘Stunning victory’ as US surgeon-generals call for an end to intersex surgeryWATCH: Parenting group wants more HIV positive people to consider becoming parentsPINK NEWS-last_img read more

Prepared by FFWPU Congo The 57th Anniversary of th

first_imgPrepared by FFWPU CongoThe 57th Anniversary of the Holy Wedding of True Parents was celebrated in Congo in Brazzaville.This celebration, officiated by the National Leader Rev. Norbert NDIELLE MOUTSATSI, was held at our headquarters on April 12, 2017The blessed families, 2nd generation and other members of the unification movement a total of 55 people took part in this event.The secretary general of the FFWPU Congo, Mr. Achille Mouanda shared about True Parents’ words on “The Holy Wedding of True Parents” from Cheon Seong Gyeong. This was followed by a video presentation of Holy Wedding of True Parents in 1960. After that we had word of encouragement by the President of FFWPU Congo.The blessed children and the blessed families also performed beautiful songs on this occasion created a beautiful atmosphere at the event.last_img read more