Barnsley 2-3 QPR: Highlights of Rangers’ victory against the Tykes

first_imgYun Suk-Young scored his first goal for QPR, who ended the regular season with a victory and will play Wigan over two legs in the play-offs.See also:QPR’s left-back dilemma: the pros and cons of the four main optionsBond eyes ‘amazing’ promotion after winBarnsley v QPR player ratings Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img

Services for South Africans abroad

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2016 Ohio Crop Tour I-75 Day #1

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest  Check out Day 1 of the I-71 leg of the TourPutnam CountyCorn Summary: The field had very small diameter stalks and could have problems in the wind. Yield looks like 100 bushels per acre. There was tip-back, aborted ears, smut, GLS and signs of very dry conditions.Soybean Summary: The beans were 32 inches tall and the plants had aborted a few pods. The plants still had many pods and there is average yield potential if they can keep getting more rain. There was a little Septoria.Putnam Co.CornPutnam Co. CornPutnam Co. beansPutnam Co. beans Van Wert CountyCorn Summary: This stand was thin at a 25,000 population and a 110-yield average. There was some limited GLS and it didn’t look bad for as little rain as it had gotten. It was planted April 27 right before a big rain and extended cold weather, which really hurt the stand.Soybean Summary: The canopy was at 33 inches and the first node was at four inches. There was no disease and light bean leaf beetle feeding. There were two to three beans per pod in early pod fill. This field is at least fair with more potential with additional rains.Van Wert Co. cornVan Wert Co. cornVan Wert Co. soybeansVan Wert Co. beans Paulding CountyCorn Summary: This field will yield around 149. The ears were large but the stand was extremely variable with a population of 26,000 or so. The confidence in the estimate may be high though due to variable stands outside of the check area. We found tassel ear in the field and it was planted late, still pollinating.Soybean Summary: There was some insect feeding and the canopy was short at 25 inches. It was podded well but yield is average in this field. We found what may be sudden death syndrome in small areas.Paulding Co. cornPaulding Co. cornPaulding Co. beansPaulding Co. beansDefiance CountyCorn Summary: There was a population of 32,000 with some denitrification due to dry conditions. You could see the crack from the knife when they put on anhydrous. The ground never closed back up. It was planted between May 22 and May 29. It had a yield of 130. There was no real disease pressure.Soybean Summary: There was a canopy height of 32 inches with a node height of 4.5 inches. There was no disease pressure and light bean leaf beetle feeding. There were many two or three bean pods with a fair overall rating and great weed control.Defiance Co. cornDefiance Co. CornDefiance Co. beansDefiance Co. beansHardin County Corn Summary: Planted on May 9 looks like around 150 bushels at a population of 34,000. A little GLS but not enough to spray. Stalk strength looks good but fired up three to four collars,  though not past the ear. The stand looks good but tipped back ears from the hot and dry conditions, maybe 20 bushels worth.Bean Summary: Population around 130,000 and canopy at 40 inches or so the pods were three inches apart with many thee-bean pods and no disease. We saw a lot of hovering flies and a few Japanese beetles, but nothing serious. Good yield potential, maybe in the 50s with the nice recent  rain.Hardin Co. cornHardin Co. Corn fired up from dry conditions.Hardin Co. beansHardin Co. Beans Allen CountyCorn Summary: The population was 24,000 with a yield around 136 for the April 27 planted corn. There was very little disease, if any. The field struggled with emergence early. It was moderately dry here with 6 inches in June and 1.5 inches in July. It just got a nice rain.Soybean Summary: This gravel underlay farm has a 125,000 population with 34 inches on the consistent canopy height. The node height was 3.5 inches and many three and four bean pods. No disease and light insect pressure. They were planted May 23 with average to good yield potential.Allen Co. cornAllen Co. cornAllen Co. BeansAllen Co. soybeans Hancock CountyCorn Summary: This field had 140 bushels per acre with heavy GLS. Half the field looks good and half looks bad. It was planted May 16 and suffered some denitrification with some smut and drought stress. The plants had cannibalized themselves in some parts of the fields with a population of 33,000 or 34,000.Soybean Summary: Canopy highest was at 30 inches with low disease pressure and a little insect feeding. There were several Japanese beetles making babies. Pods were filling with fair yield potential for this field. This was one of the cleaner fields in terms of weed pressure.Hancock Co. cornHancock Co. cornHancock Co. soybeansHancock Co. soybeans Seneca CountyCorn Summary: This field was planted May 23 and suffered from drought. The population is 33,000 and has good ear fill with no disease. The stalk quality is still good and the yield is 140.Soybean Summary: The canopy is at 31 inches and it is a clean field. There is maybe a little mold developing and really no insect pressure. It has been dry here but there was a nice rain recently. There is pretty decent yield potential in this field. Seneca Co. cornThe dry ares of the field show from above in this Seneca Co. corn.Seneca Co. cornThere was some mold growing in the Seneca Co. bean field after the recent rains.Wood CountyCorn Summary: The field was at 34,000 population with a yield at 152 planted May 19. It had the least denitrification of a field we have been in so far. There was significant tip-back and a little green snap in the field from some wind early in the season. Minimal GLS and little insect feeding.Soybean Summary: We saw 38 inches tall for the canopy and 3.5 inches on the node height. We had three bean pods with a few bean leaf beetles. Not much disease in these 7.5-inch row beans. The field was clean with a fair yield potential in the low 40s.Wood Co. cornGreen snap in Wood Co. cornWood Co. BeansWood Co. Beans Henry CountyCorn Summary: There was a 28,000 population with no disease, no insects and good ear fill. There was quite a bit of ear size variability with a yield of 146 bushels. It was planted May 22.Soybean Summary: This was the tallest canopy of the day so far at close to 40 inches. Very healthy with good pod set and still blooming in the very good to excellent yield potential field.Henry Co. CornHenry Co. CornHenry Co. BeansHenry Co. beans Fulton CountyCorn Summary: We saw a yield of 146. It was a replant situation and the replant was not going to make anything. There was not a lot of drought stress but we saw a major insect issue with western bean cutworm in two of the six Bt corn ears we pulled. The population was 33,000 and it was planted in April and replanted the end of May.Soybean Summary: We had a canopy height that averaged 38 inches with a first node around three inches. There was no disease or insect pressure with many three-bean pods. There were many pods with good yield potential.Fulton Co. Corn with Western Bean Cutworm damageWestern bean cutworm cause damage in two of the six ears pulled in Fulton Co.Fulton Co. beansFulton Co. beans Williams CountyCorn Summary: This was a good stand but a low population of 27,000. There was no disease or insect pressure, though there was one ear with zipper ear and a little tip-back. The kernel depth was excellent with an average yield of 195 bushels in by far the best corn we have seen. It was planted May 20 with multi-hybrid and variable rate.Soybean Summary: The canopy was at 38 inches, the tallest we have seen. They were still blooming and pods were still forming. There was a fungicide application and no diseases or insects present.Williams Co. cornWilliams Co. cornWilliams Co. BeansWilliams Co. Beanslast_img read more

How late is too late for corn?

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Harold Watters, Ohio State University Extension CCAAs I write this it is obvious that the majority of the corn crop this year will be planted after May 20. I sat last Thursday with a grower from Miami County. We figured the days it takes him to dry out, then to plant first corn and then soybeans and determined that at least some of his crop will be planted into June no matter what. Yields are likely to be reduced. We do know that with good growing conditions and timely late-season rains, we can still produce a decent crop. Consider the economics of your decisions during this season, make those applications that can make you money and skip those that only make you feel good.Frost worries? Or just wet corn? The corn plant has the ability to adapt to later planting by advancing more rapidly through the growth stages. Work done at Purdue and Ohio State by graduate students of Bob Nielsen and Peter Thomison, show that the number of growing degree days (GDD) needed from planting to maturity decreases by about 7 GDD per day of delayed planting. So a hybrid planted on May 30 needs about 200 less GDDs to achieve maturity than a hybrid planted on May 1. I think this ability of the corn plant to adapt is why we can still have decent yield expectations.We don’t have much nitrogen on yet for corn, and some are even struggling to get it on their wheat. In corn, our recommendation is to evaluate the crop and look for any visual symptoms of nitrogen deficiency (general chlorosis or yellowing). If you somehow applied early N, but not sure how much is left you can use the worksheet from our Corn, Soybean, Wheat and Forages Field Guide (page 81, and here below) to evaluate the risk of nitrogen loss.1) What N source was utilized?1 point – Anhydrous ammonia with nitrification inhibitor2 points – Anhydrous ammonia3 points – Other fertilizer banded4 points – Other fertilizer broadcast 2) When was the N applied?2 points – After April 205 points – Before April 20 3) How much N has been applied?1 point – >200 lbs/A2 points – 150-200 lbs/A3 points – 100-150 lbs/A6 points – <100 lbs/A 4) What has been the predominant soil moisture status in the field this spring?1 point – Normal2 points – Wet4 points – Excessively wet (saturated – standing water) 5) What is the crop’s condition?1 point – Green plants> 12” tall2 points – Green plants < 12” tall3 points – Chlorotic plants < 12” tall5 points – Chlorotic plants > 12” tall Total the score and use the following guidelines:Less than 13 – Additional fertilizer not recommended13-16 – Evaluate again in 4-7 days17 or greater – Add an additional 40-70 lbs N/A Some producers may consider the use of the pre-sidedress soil nitrate test (PSNT) to determine if additional N fertilizer is warranted. This can work well if manure is in your mix, or you did apply pre-plant anhydrous. To attain a representative soil sample, collect 15, 1-foot deep random cores from a field and mix them thoroughly. Submit a grab sample from the composite to a reputable lab. You may want to contact the lab to learn their turn-around time — you want it back quickly.If the nitrate level in the soil is between 25 to 30 ppm then no additional N is warranted.If nitrate levels are lower than 15 ppm then normal N rates should be applied.If between 15 and 30 ppm then a reduced rate is likely all that is needed. Some suggest 50 to 70 pounds of nitrogen per acre additional would make sense.Got manure still in the lagoon? It can provide an excellent source of nitrogen. Consider top-dressing or side dressing that nutrient source. See this Ag BMP here: read more

Why Klout Deal Is Not The Answer To Microsoft’s Social Search Strategy

first_imgEarlier this year, I was considered an influencer of the NBA basketball playoffs. I’m 6-foot-2, deathly white, with the hops of an oyster. Yes, I know that a pick and roll isn’t referring to a lobster feed, but that’s about it.Second, there’s the elitism factor. Many have done a better job than I could explaining the problems with Klout, which assigns perks to the “one percent” of the Web. But it boils down to the fact those with the most presence online – and the highest Klout scores – aren’t necessarily the most authoritative sources of information.  Third, adding Klout because someone searched on Bing for a Wikipedia article about them, as Klout indicated it would do, probably isn’t an indication that their opinion carries weight. It might make them interesting, true, but not necessarily an expert. It’s the “Joe the Plumber” problem.What Is Influence, Anyway?Microsoft continues to sail into uncharted waters with its new social search. I’ve argued before that the best use of social search is cultivating an engaged, opinionated network of friends, and mining their published opinions. In one sense, this is exactly what the Bing-Klout partnership has set out to do. Way back in 1997, Laura Garton and Barry Wellman of the University of Toronto, along with Caroline Haythornthwaite of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, published a frequently cited paper that attempted to define how infuence is measured by social networks. The trio concluded that four metrics determine the strength of a social connection:Relations, or sharing content (which can be emotional support, computer files, or money) between two peopleTies, or the number of different types of content shared (such as a professional relationship as well as a common love of baseball)Multiplexity, which assigns increased strength to how many ties one hasSocial composition, such as the relationship between a superior and an underling, or two peers.Klout essentially measures all of these characteristics already. If a friend and I are both reporters, that makes us colleagues. If he likes baseball as well, and his child is the same age as my own, that forges an even closer tie.Integrating one’s search presence into this takes the concept of social influence in a new direction. Bill Gates is indeed a popular search term. But so is Kim Kardashian. Again, the Joe the Plumber problem rears its head.There Are Other SolutionsThere are other social-network-ranking options. PeerIndex is one of the more popular choices, and companies like PostRank and HowSociable have also tried to crack the problem.“For the gold standard in influence measurement, the best alternative to Klout is citation analysis, where you look for authority indexes based on the totality of Web citations, that is, links or textual references to a source within a defined topical context,” Mark Rogers, the founder of Sentinel Projects, one alternative to Klout, wrote in 2011. “This process punishes people who are looking for indiscriminate followers and citations. It ignores activity, rewarding being talked-about over talking.“The thing is, measuring influence in such a topic-specific way is hard and bespoke,” Rogers added. “There are lots of firms trying to do this – Traackr and mBlast have already been mentioned.  We’re another one. These bespoke options require human iteration and heavy computer processing to provide network measures (influence, but also popularity, hubness and betweenness) that are much more nuanced than what you’ll get from self-service influence tools like Klout.”The problem that Bing and Klout face is how to appropriately value the Web’s opinions, and also how to assign weight to those who don’t use the Web as their primary communication medium. In some ways, the partnership between Klout and Microsoft is an obvious first step to addressing these issues, but that’s all it is – the first step on a long road. A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Audit Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification As Microsoft seeks to better quantify the influence of its social search, the company has partnered with the controversial online-influence ranking service Klout as a first step. It looks to be no more than a marriage of convenience.Microsoft said Thursday that it would make an investment in the company, and that Klout scores would begin showing up in the “sidebar” of its Bing social search. On Klout, meanwhile, experts who appear in Bing’s “People Who Know” section of the sidebar will be recognized on Klout, noted Joe Fernandez, the chief executive of Klout, in a blog post. People who have a Wikipedia account associated with their Klout profile will also be rewarded for the frequency that they are searched on Bing.“What’s interesting about our work on the Klout service is that for the 1st time Bing is an outbound signal for influence,” said Derrick Connell, Corporate Vice President, Bing, in a blog post. “Search as a new outbound signal is an interesting new development in the way we think about big data and how it can add value to lots of the other services we use each day.”While that sums up Bing’s goal, Microsoft could have done a better job explaining it in plain English. Here’s what it means for both companies.What’s Klout?“Klout began with a very simple idea: Everyone has influence – the ability to drive action,” according to the company’s website.  From a charitable perspective, Klout measures a person’s ability to drive conversations online in a variety of social media: on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ as well as smaller social networks like LinkedIn and YouTube. Your “Klout” – a numerical score – is compiled from the number of times you’re mentioned, for example, or how many times a post is commented upon, liked or retweeted.That’s the key metric for Microsoft. Klout’s single numerical score assigns a level of influence to your social presence, giving some indication of their opinion’s worth online. Klout also allows others to give you “Klout,” or “+K,” the company’s currency of social influence, in a given topic. For example, I’m an influencer on branding, games and music. In May, Microsoft added the “sidebar” to its Bing search engine, assigning influence from the friends of the Bing user. The sidebar also uses Facebook to solicit requests from users on which restaurant a user should eat at during a stopover in Seattle, for example, and uses geolocation data, published opinions, and automated, personal requests from those friends to get personalized results. Now, the Klout score will be one of the main signals of which friends’ opinions Bing will try to display.My Problems With KloutAnd that’s where the problems start.Because, first, most observers agree that Klout simply isn’t a reliable indicator. For example, it’s pretty wrong about me. I’m not an influencer of music. I don’t even listen to music. Really, at all. I find it distracting while I’m working, and during down periods I read, watch TV or movies, and play with my kids. I usually tune into sports radio in the car, only occasionally listening to the local alt-hippie-rock station. I can’t even remember the last time I wrote anything with a specific music focus, besides a few tweets on “Gangnam Style.” And yet, here I am. Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… Tags:#Microsoft#social networks#web markhachman Related Posts The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videoslast_img read more