The Sava River in Zagreb is becoming an open stage for creative industries

first_imgAt the end of the Sava Bridge tram turnoff, works on cleaning and maintenance of areas in the inundation zone of the Sava River have begun, which in itself is of course no news, but as the works unofficially mark the beginning of the Sava bank, ie the Sava project activity, the Sava returns to Zagreb. Sava, this is certainly one of the great things that will completely change Zagreb for the better.The City of Zagreb will soon lease the seven-kilometer-long Zagreb banks of the Sava on both sides of the river from Hrvatske vode, in order to revive an area neglected for more than half a century, with the aim of returning citizens to the Sava and urban revitalization of Zagreb’s banks. The project “Activities on the Sava” will set up temporary facilities at five locations, including multi-purpose pavilions, sunbathing areas and swimming pools. In addition to increasing the quality of life, Zagreb will get a new training ground and an open stage for the music, cultural, urban, tourist and all other creative industries.The newly renovated locations will offer citizens sports-recreational, cultural-entertaining and catering facilities. From hiking and biking trails, outdoor stages, cinemas, artificial topographies, lookouts, sports fields, sand-filled beaches and a number of prefabricated buildings that will be dismantled within 24 hours, if necessary, when the Sava water level rises. “At five locations on both banks of the Sava, temporary prefabricated facilities will be located, including a film screening system, multipurpose pavilions, sunbathing areas and swimming pools. When designing such an urban landscape of the city, we respect the green belt of inundation, but we also take care of the modern needs of the citizens. Interconnected public spaces are put into the function of multipurpose use of different social groups. Citizens will be able to use the arranged spaces along the Sava this summer”, Announced Sanja Jerković, head of the City Office for Strategic Planning and Development of the City.The competition for this project was announced as part of the city project “Activities on the Sava” which ended in 2015, and the work “Swamp On the River” by Carlos Zarc, Sara Palomar and Jose Luis Hidalgo from Spain and Zuhal Kola from Turkey was selected. The amount of 20 million kuna was provided from the city budget, but the City expects that a part of the money will be able to “withdraw” from EU funds. The realization of this project is planned for 2018.See more about the whole project on the official website openact architecture&lt;/p&gt;<br />
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