Romana Lekić, Edward Bernays High School: Interpretation of cultural heritage is an extremely important segment of the tourist offer

first_imgEducation “Interpreters of Croatian traditional culture” As part of the second and third modules that will be realized during the next year, participants will learn through interactive teaching and practical part forms of interpretation through the folklore segment of dance, music and costumes, and be placed in the role of producer by creating cultural and tourist offer of their region. in line with new trends such as performance, the economy of experience and storytelling. When asked how important such educations and workshops are for the development of cultural tourism, but also the entire tourist offer, Dr. sc. Romana Lekić, Assistant Dean for Tourism Studies at Edward Bernays College of Communication Management in Zagreb, said that “extremely important, originally because they were made to measure.“Edward Bernays High School is currently collaborating with several other counties, including Međimurje and Varaždin. “We connect the destination through education in a very deep and effective way. In particular, we are now connecting Moslavina and Banovina, which, although actually a tourist destination, is spatially and historically separated. That is why we find a common language through education and help local sections, such as cultural and artistic societies, public colleges, tourist guides and agencies, and hotels. Also, in my opinion, perhaps the greatest value of such programs is connecting with the creative industry, which until recently was only in the background.She added. The first module is introductory and deals with the recognition and protection of traditional culture. Attendees were introduced to cultural and creative tourism and new trends in tourism. Teams have also been formed, which will work together to create a creative platform for the revitalization and reinterpretation of traditional heritage that has so far not been sufficiently recognized as an attractive resource. Lekić emphasizes that tourist attractions are divided into latent, potential and real. “Our challenge is to bring the latent and potential to the level of tourist usability. Even the most beautiful archeological site, if it does not have the basic preconditions to be a tourist attraction, means nothing to tourism.”, She explained and added that”training ‘Interpreters of Croatian traditional culture’ lasts 120 hours and includes three modules. The first module is introductory, the second is working, and the third module synthesizes all this and gives purpose and goal to interpretation.” The aim of the education is to learn how to use a sustainable model for communication and interpretation of traditional heritage in cultural tourism through the creative use of new technologies in the function of creating experiences and interpretation of heritage in a tourist destination.center_img The training contains 3 modules – consists of theoretical and practical part and is performed in collaboration with the Ensemble of Folk Dances and Songs “Lado”, the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore, Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb and the Croatian Chamber of Crafts and Commerce. The Tourist Board of Sisak-Moslavina County in cooperation with the College of Communication Management Edward Bernays from Zagreb organized a training “Interpreters of Croatian traditional culture” which took place on 14, 15, 16 November 2019 and continues on 21, 22. , November 23 for about thirty students from Sisak-Moslavina County. One of the primary goals is to help destinations develop their tourist offer. “In addition to this training, we organize a number of workshops and trainings for hotels, travel agencies, tourist boards and the like. However, we also develop tourism development strategies, action plans and connect destinations through brand communication and help them with our knowledge, techniques and tools.”, Concluded Lekić. Photo: Sisak-Moslavina County Tourist Board; Edward Bernays College of Communication Management in Zagreb; Pag Tourist Boardlast_img

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