Find out how German Railways sold 2 million tickets with a great digital campaign

first_imgPrema podacima Njemačke željeznice, 72% Nijemaca za praznike tijekom ljetnih praznika putuje u inozemstvo. Kako da ih “natjeramo” da putuju unutar Njemačke? After a great example from German Railways through two examples see how  French National Railway (SNCF) tells a story in tourism and how to send a strong message in a different and effective way and get attention in the forest of the same and classic campaigns. So with a special algorithm and automated video ads in collaboration with GettyImages they were able to find similar photos of global destinations, especially those often used on Instagram, and compare them with similar photos from Germany. Then, with skillful play, they showed a comparison of the cheapest price of a plane flight in real time from their location to the travel destinations they are interested in. On the other hand, the pictures compared the price of a train trip to a similar destination in Germany. The big challenge was to bring the whole drip into line with GDPR rules, which they managed to do in direct communication with Facebook. The campaign used the social networks Facebook and Instagram where they tagged people who are interested in travel and who travel often. It is interesting how, thanks to technology and big data data from Facebook, they achieved that everything is automated, and special softwear showed in real time the real cheapest price of the plane’s flight to the mentioned destinations. Thus, as part of the campaign, German Railways used photos of picturesque German locations that are similar or that are mirrored with well-known and popular foreign tourist destinations, and compared destinations with real travel prices. All with the aim of encouraging Germans to vacation in their homeland. During the first 13 days of the campaign, they generated over 750 unique ads, which they targeted to the target group via Instagram and Facebook. Also, through geo-tagging on Google search engine they placed the same video ads updated with prices in real time. Social media is a source of inspiration for travelers, but the ability to fill social media feeds with better quality photos, because the same survey found that 31% of participants believe that posting travel photos is just as important as the vacation itself. The result of the campaign was impressive. According to Ogilvy Germany, the campaign generated nearly 10.000 unique personalized images that resulted in the sale of two million train tickets, or an increase in revenue of as much as 24%. It is interesting how the campaign raised a lot of attention among Germans, because they were surprised by all the beauties they have in their country, and they themselves looked for pictures of landscapes from Germany. HOW TO SELL A STORY AND ENCOURAGE TRAIN TRAVEL? THE FRENCH NATIONAL RAILWAY KNOWS THE RIGHT FORMULA To je bio zadatak postavljen pred marketinšku agenciju Ogilvy Njemačka od strane Njemačke željeznice ( Deutsche Bahn ). Rezultat je bila odlična digitalna kampanja – No Need to Fly – Around the World in Germany. Of course, nothing is accidental. Research on how social media affects tourism, London currency exchange companies WeSwap, found that 37% of the younger population (18 to 34 years old) both social networks directly influence the choice of vacation spot. The target group was young people who want to travel and explore their next trips, and this was the first independent digital campaign of the DB, without the involvement of other media, such as print or billboards. RELATED NEWS: Kao recimo na primjeru Dortumund – Kanada gdje su usporedili slične slike i usporedili cijene. Tako let avionom iz Dortmunda do Canade iznosi 1.400 eura, dok je sličan doživljaj dostupan i u Bavarskoj – i to za samo 19 eura. The psychology behind the whole story is also interesting, namely the campaign provided people with a fun and picturesque vacation that their friends envy, we still live in the Instagram world when we talk about younger audiences, and at the same time allow them to save money and time. ECOLOGY AND SUSTAINABILITY AS A TREND TO BECOME AN IMPERATIVE last_img

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