Made in Morocco Model Blogger Stylist and Actress Abla Sofy

By Hajar Elkahlaoui Rabat – Morocco’s Abla Sofy is making headlines worldwide, from becoming the face of Elle Arabia to starring in RedOne’s latest music video ‘Boom  Boom’. In an exclusive interview with Morocco World News, this multi-talented beauty talks about life as a model, stylist, blogger, and actress. Can you please introduce yourself in a few words?Abla Sofy: I’m Abla Sofy. I am a Moroccan stylist, model, actress and blogger. I moved to Los Angeles when I was 20 to go to fashion school. And here I am.How did your career in modeling begin?Abla Sofy: I’ve been in the modeling world for the last four years. But as a stylist, on a daily basis, I would meet talents managers that would propose to represent me to their agencies and propose some serious jobs. But me as an Arab, I was always worried about all these culture barriers. When RedOne reached out to me and saw that even in the modeling world we can still work and respect all our values, it made me very happy and excited to do it. It shows that I can always find a way to be a model with respecting all my values, and I can also have a final say to accept or refuse a job that doesn’t match with my values.You’re also an actress. How do you combine your two passions?Abla Sofy: It was always a dream of me to be in the light instead of backstage. The fact that I was a stylist and working with the biggest models and actresses allows me to learn a lot about this world and made it easier for me to get into it. I knew every trick and every detail as a model or actress.What’s one of the most interesting shoots that you’ve done?Abla Sofy: The most interesting shoot for me is RedOne’s video clip. I think it is one of the first times in history that so many huge talents were all involved in the same project: RedOne , Daddy Yankee, Dinah Jane, Amanda Cerney. Even if I work in LA and have been in many projects, the ‘Boom Boom’ video clip was the biggest production I have ever worked for. It’s very hard to beat that. Everything was selected to be the best of everything. From singers, actors, dancers, and production…As an Arab model, do you face any particular challenges?Abla Sofy: Yes of course. It’s very important for me to keep my family and my country proud of me. I would never want to be associated or be in a situation that would be a shame for my family to see. This is why sometimes unfortunately I can’t accept some jobs even if they were big.You are currently in Los Angeles. How’s model life in LA?Abla Sofy: Busy! There are a lot of brands and photo shoots in LA. But also it’s more about videos movies reality shows. I’ve been working on a new TV show coming soon on TV, Fashion Rescue. When you’re not busy modeling, what are some of your favorite things to do?Abla Sofy: When I am not working or if I have a long break, I love to travel and discover places I have never been in before.  It allows me to do research for my stylisting job and have more inspiration. For example, I was in Bali few months ago and I got so many new ideas. And if I have free time in LA, I love food and try new restaurants and then walk around Beverly Hills and go to the malls to see what is new in collections it’s always work for me.What are your future projects and campaigns?Abla Sofy: I’ve been overwhelmed with many opportunities since the success of the video. I recently shot for Fashion Rescue that would have me styling in different stores around America. This would be a television reality show in an American channel. I am also working on more exciting acting project with people that I’ve been following for a very long time, and also modeling projects that you will hear about very soon. Where can we follow you?Instagram: @ablasofySnapchat: essofiabla

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