Police Assault on Moroccan is Not an Act of Racism Spanish

Rabat – The Spanish outlet canariasenred has released clarification regarding the recent controversial video circulating social media that shows a policeman physically assaulting a young Moroccan man. Prior to the scene in the video, the young man allegedly threatened the officer and his family saying, “I know you, I know your wife and your kids, and I’m going to cut their throats.” The presumed victim assaulted two cops moments before the scene.In the video, the police officer throws the man onto the floor and kicks and punches him before picking up a chair, aiming to throw it at him. Así redujo un policía local de Lleida a un marroquí. Acusan al agente de racismo. ¿Te parece desproporcionada la actuación policial? pic.twitter.com/4XUekALhHp— Caso Aislado (@CasoAislado_Es) March 1, 2018Numerous tweets criticized the officer’s violent response, calling it “an act of racism” while others argued that the lack of context make it hard to determine whether such an act was driven by racism or as a defense mechanism.

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