Solid Gold Temporary Tattoos Herald The End Times

first_imgAre people still complaining about economic downturn-this and stagnant recovery-that? BORING! So 2009. Thankfully one Dubai-based company is bucking all that recession talk by giving the world what it so desperately wants: temporary tattoos made from 24 karat gold.Precious Skin currently operates two outlets throughout the desert playground (or prudish outpost, whatever). The company can apply temporary tattoos, which last up to a week and are made out of 99.9% gold or platinum. The process originated in Japan but was brought to Dubai by managing director Arnaud Flambeau who thought this could be sold as a premium version of the henna tattoos that are customary among Gulf women for weddings and other special occasions.Pricing for the tattoos starts at a quite-reasonable $50, and can go as high as $5,500 for more elaborate designs.pic vialast_img

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