Bike Pump Espresso Machine Uses No Energy

first_imgIf you love a good cup of espresso but hate the excess energy required to make one, the Airspresso might just be for you. The device makes you a hot cuppa in almost the same way as a traditional espresso maker. The difference is, instead of using steam, it uses air from a bike pump.It looks a little like a miniature water bottle, but the Airspresso is actually a tiny espresso maker. All you need to do is add your coffee, water, and a filter, and then attach a pump to make it nice and creamy. You will have to find a way to heat the water yourself, but since the gadget is designed for outdoor use, chances are you’ll have a fire going for that purpose.Sounds like a great idea, albeit with one major, potentially crippling flaw: it costs $180. That’s one expensive cup of energy-free espresso.Via Wiredlast_img

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