iOS 5 untethered jailbreak may not be possible

first_imgYesterday, less than 24 hours after Apple had officially announced iOS 5, the developer beta had been jailbroken. The jailbreak was achieved by MuscleNerd, a member of the iPhone Dev Team,using Geohot’s Limera1n exploit. But the speed of the jailbreak didn’t bring a perfect solution to the problem as it was a tethered method.The issue with tethered jailbreaks is that every time you reboot your iDevice you have to be connected to a computer to retain the jailbreak. What users really want is an untethered solution removing the need for a computer even to perform the jailbreak in the first place.AdChoices广告Unfortunately, Apple has just closed the door on the exploit used to achieve an untethered jailbreak in previous versions of iOS. This tweet by Stefan Esser, known as Twitter user @i0n1c, explains:What this means is someone will have to find a new exploit to allow for a new untether solution. If one can’t be found, then it’s doubtful iOS 5 will ever get an untethered jailbreak.The hacking community like a challenge though, and if you tell them something isn’t possible they try all the harder to prove you wrong. I am sure another method will be found, it just may take a while. It helps that the official release of iOS 5 for consumer iDevices isn’t happening until the Fall giving them a few months lead time to come up with a solution.Read more at the iPhone Download Bloglast_img

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