Offbeatr is Kickstarter for adult projects

first_imgNo one can deny that crowd-funding service Kickstarter is turning into a huge success. You only have to look at the recent Double Fine Kickstarter to see that. It has managed to raise over $2 million with 18 days still left to go.Success usually breeds competition, but Kickstarter’s latest competition doesn’t intend to steal away projects from the site. Instead, this new crowd-funding service, going by the name of Offbeatr, aims to cater for a totally different type of project. Offbeatr is Kickstarter, but for adult projects only.At the moment Offbeatr is invite-only and wants anyone working in the adult industry, or has an idea for an adult project, to get in touch. When it launches we can expect to see projects ranging from adult movies and games to books, photo sets, and probably even new products for use in the bedroom.While many may find such a service off-putting, the adult industry generates a significant amount of revenue, but also requires major investment if you intend to make a movie, for example. Having a new way of raising cash, while at the same time rewarding those who invest, could work really well for adult projects. Offbeatr is just one example of how the Kickstarter model can be re-used for specific industries and projects. I have to wonder if more of these services will pop up in the future. For example, we could get different crowd-funding services for technology, sports, and games to name but a few areas. These more focused sites would attract like-minded people and potentially increase the chance of popular ideas getting the money they need.More at Offbeatr, via TechCrunchlast_img

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