Raspbian image now available for the Raspberry Pi

first_imgIf you have a Raspberry Pi in your possession, chances are it has been running either Debian Squeeze or Arch Linux as an OS. Both are very capable solutions for the $25 PC, but neither one of them takes advantage of the Pi’s floating point hardware, meaning you aren’t getting the best performance. Today, that changed.Last week a video appeared of the Raspberry Pi running a new Linux distribution called Raspbian. It was lightning quick, especially when loading web pages. That same video also confirmed overclocking your Raspberry Pi up to 1GHz is possible and relatively easy to achieve.At the time Raspbian was a work in progress, but the SD card image has now appeared on the Raspberry Pi download page. And it must be good because it has replaced Debian Squeeze rather than appearing as an option alongside it.Apparently the performance tweaks on offer extend to the applications, firmware, and kernel, so it’s an all round improvement from what was available before today. Benchmarking by network engineer Adam Armstrong clearly shows the gains:You should check out Adam’s blog post for an in-depth look at the performance difference Raspbian brings.If you’re not sure how to update the image on your SD card, full instructions are given on the download page including links to relevant software to help you get the job done.Those of you interested in how Raspbian came about, as well as how long it took to develop, should check out the Raspbian timeline (PDF), which gives you a full rundown of its short history.Get Raspbian from the Raspberry Pi Downloads page, via Raspberry Pilast_img

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