WiMe NanoWatch is actually huge for a watch tiny for a phone

first_imgYes, this nifty Dick Tracy-esque device really is called WiMe (why me). And it’s not a smartwatch in the same sense as devices like the MotoActv, Sony SmartWatch, or Pebble. The WiMe is actually a full-fledged smartphone scaled all the way down to a mostly wrist-friendly size. It measures roughly five centimeters by three, and it’s 10.2mm thick.The face of the WiMe features a 1.54-inch resistive touchscreen with a native resolution of 240 by 240 pixels. Unsurprisingly, that matches up exactly with Apple’s sixth generation iPod nano. That’s where the similarities end, really — apart from the obviously iOS-inspired icons at the bottom of the WiMe’s home screen.The remainder of the spec sheet isn’t all that impressive. WiMe offers just 2GB of internal storage and there’s no microSD expansion slot. There’s room for a SIM card, of course, but only GSM networks are supported. No camera is included either, so you won’t be using the WiMe as a watch on your next covert espionage operation. Its battery provides just 300mAh of juice, less than half what you’d expect from an entry level featurephone.But for $100, the WiMe is still kind of slick. If your carrier of choice utilizes the GSM standard and you’re in the market for a stealthy back-up phone that you don’t have to wrestle in and out of a pocket every time you want to check it, why not slap this little number on your wrist?via WiMelast_img

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