Kinect Russian Roulette is cringeinducing slightly morbid

first_imgIf you’ve been following Microsoft’s Kinect, then you know that all sorts of development has taken place around it. The motion sensor has had a significant impact on the Xbox 360, but the development that is taking place on the computer side is much more clever. Of course, independent developers aren’t bound by commercial viability, or even tastefulness, so we’ve seen a lot of fun stuff happening with the Kinect that Microsoft surely never imagined. The latest Kinect hack that will blow you away? Kinect Russian Roulette.Russian Roulette, as anyone who has seen The Deer Hunter will know, is a lethal game which has a very high chance of an unfortunate outcome. By using the Kinect to play you get all the anticipation and none of the unfortunate after effects of losing.The setup looks pretty simple: the Kinect recognizes your face and then your hand in the shape of a firearm. When you mimic the action of the gun’s hammer moving forward, the Kinect understands that and fires a round. The computer does the math and you have a 1/6 or 1/8 chance of, erm, losing. If the math is in your favor you can keep going, or presumably pass the gun to the next player. And if you lose… well you’ve probably already seen the video or the screenshot below. Kinect Russian Roulette was an art project, by Theo Watson, for the Art Hack Day. He made it in just three hours using openFrameworks 007 and ofxKinect, the latter of which is an openFrameworks wrapper for the Kinect, which Watson coded.As a game KRR might get old fast, but it could still be useful. Maybe it’ll end up being a high-tech, adult-only replacement for rock, paper, scissors?via Theo Watsonlast_img

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