Costa Ricans react to FIFA scandal like every other scandal with memes

first_imgYou’ve all seen the show. It sucks being busted abroad. We knew Chope was the informant. And Minor Vargas, arrested in the U.S. in 2011 for his role in a mutli-million-dollar fraud scheme. “God (Jackie Chan) sees all.”  In this one, Ronald McDonald is calling former Sele coach Jorge Luis Pinto to tell him to stop liking this shit on Facebook. (Pinto and Li allegedly didn’t get along very well, to say the least.) Ticos certainly are no strangers to corruption scandals. In fact, they’ve even put two of their own presidents in jail (albeit briefly). So they’ve developed a collective defense mechanism rooted in humor and the infamous meme. (Although be warned: No one has ever accused Costa Ricans of being politically correct.)In light of the arrest yesterday in Zurich of Eduardo Li, president of the Costa Rican Football Federation and FIFA executive committee member, in a sweeping corruption case brought by U.S. authorities, it wasn’t long before the memes started flooding social media in Costa Rica.Here are some of the funniest. We’ll do our best to translate. (Our apologies for not giving credit to the creators. Most of these came to us via WhatsApp.)“They arrested you in Switzerland? Novice,” goads ex-President José María Figueres, aka “Chema” (1994-1998). Bruce Lee’s pissed about Eduardo Li defaming his last name. Except they’re not spelled the same. Oh well.  Bwajajajaja. Paulo “Chope” Wanchope wants to make sure he’s still head coach of the men’s national team, known as the Sele. last_img

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