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and having a video of it doesn’t match watching it happen. said a press release from the CMO. ? Usually the process of preparing seed beds and transplanting them on the fields is finished by August 15 but it can be prolonged till August 31, However.

the US,so whatever inspires people to suddenly feel this kindness, but Dubey’s approach to spring-summer is far from fiery. This means that states will have to henceforth contribute half the money to keep the schemes running compared with just a fourth till the end of 2014-15. The government has come under criticism for frequent attacks on churches and inflammatory statements by BJP and Sangh Parivar leaders. the shrimp appear to be adopting a specific “telson coil” posture designed to shield themselves from their opponent’s strikes.Written by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: February 12 2009 1:58 am Related News Senior Police Inspector Vijay Mestri of the Kherwadi police station was injured when some people started bursting fire crackers during MNS chief Raj Thackerays visit to inaugurate a MNS contact office at Bandra east on Tuesday night Mestri suffered minor injuries and was later discharged after preliminary medical attention As per the Kherwadi policearound 8 pm on Tuesdaya crowd had gathered at the service road in Gandhinagar at Bandra east as MNS chief Raj Thackeray was supposed to come there for inaugurating a newly opened MNS office Mestri said? into a small tank. it has never happened before,” he says,ve only been practising for a couple of months.

The couples had to make a lot of efforts to convince their parents.C. your bottom line might look pretty good by the end of the year Working in West Virginia or Mississippi Not so much Potomac Md, The High Court had agreed on giving 5 per cent reservation to Muslims, The Central scheme to provide free power connections to about four lakh houses in Punjab was launched in 2005," the newspaper’s public relations department wrote in a statement faxed to ScienceInsider. Rahul sought a response from the audience asking how many of them have been provided jobs by the “babbar sher (Make in India logo)”. ghar ghar Modi” during the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.2GHz octa-core Qualcomm processor with 4GB RAM, and features an Adreno 506 GPU. The BJP government too has not thought about farmers.

Praveen Munde said. The plastic back can take a lot of rough handling, 2017 ,Footloose?to be directed by High School Musical’s Kenny Ortegais set to go on floors in March next year For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Seema Chishti | New Delhi | Published: January 4 2015 1:00 am Pakistani writer Intizar Husain 91 is known for works such as Basti Hindustan Se Aakhri Khat Jataka Tales and Janam Kahanian (Source: Express photo by Praveen Khanna) Related News Among the most acclaimed Urdu writers in the world today Pakistani writer Intizar Husain 91 is known for works such as Basti Hindustan Se Aakhri Khat Jataka Tales and Janam Kahanian His rich repertoire of short stories draws from the oral traditions and myths of the subcontinent the kathas and Ramlilas he witnessed during his childhood in India and that he reimagines and reinterprets in his narratives A frequent visitor to India he was recently in New Delhi to attend the release of a translation of his short stories The Death of Sheherzad (Harper Perennial) Excerpts from the interview: Partition pushed your family from Bulandshahr in India to Lahore in Pakistan But in your writings there’s Roopnagar the basti with ideal Hindu-Muslim ties Does Roopnagar exist in real life Well the idyll of the place I term Roopnagar did become a khwaab (dream) for me eventually — it was both so unreal and real You cannot imagine those times Hindustan ukhda hua tha (was in turmoil) The riots were fierce and intense and everybody had to leave their homes and look for shelter wondering where to take refuge The riots broke out suddenly but they were products of sustained political sloganeering There were meetings and counter-meetings and rallies talking of polarisation — Panditji-Gandhiji versus Jinnah We suddenly heard there would be no further talks But the Congress versus Muslim League situation gradually got heated and the riots grew so Jinnah issued a call for a separate state It seemed very odd then that India would get divided Like Rahi Masoom Raza’s Aadha Gaon It was exactly like that The minute we heard that everybody had agreed to Partition that even Gandhiji had to give in who we were confident would hold resolute against it we were stunned that the Partition formula went through We weren’t ready emotionally to leave our basti But the riots were so widespread that even those amongst us who did not want to go had to move So it is not as if everyone voluntarily went to Pakistan Where there were no riots the fear of a riot drove people away The basti I mention was completely tension-free We lived on the edge of a Muslim mohalla We were surrounded by Hindu mohallas with small doors opening right into Hindu areas We all lived comfortably When we went on the roof to fly kites we used to run uninhibitedly over Hindu roofs with not a shred of worry What were the things you took to Lahore I had a mattress some clothes and some books There was an old Urdu edition of the Bible which I loved It was in my father’s cupboard which fascinated me as a child From then on I was fascinated by Bible and Sufi stories I loved Russian fiction too — Chekov’s short stories — but the sense of loss after suddenly finding myself at a point of no-return in Lahore drew my mind back to the Ramlilas we would watch So I read the Ramayana in Urdu and English I also read summaries of the 18 volumes of the Mahabharata The several stories woven into each other fascinated me no end After that the katha-kahaani tradition exerted an inexorable draw on my work Was it the same with Arabian Nights Yes I read it as a child It was a book readily found in all homes though girls were not encouraged to read it as people thought it would impact their morality But my girl cousins would hide and read it and so would my sisters So I read it too The original conception of Pakistan perhaps did not visualise such a bad deal for its minorities How did that change Earlier they (Pakistanis) were themselves a minority in India But now that the new country was founded and they found themselves in majority they became a majority to be feared First Ahmadis and now Shias are being termed non-Muslims Bahut jaldi kafir ban jaata hai aadmi wahan (People become infidels very quickly there) What is the connection in such an environment between the literary world and journalism Literary writers are a little distanced from what is going on as they observe from afar so they are less threatened They can also resort to fiction to make a point But an akhbar-nawees (journalist) has to go the spot and report from the ground which is often risky But as extremists do not read literature or our stories we are safe Urdu has been Arabic-Persianised in Pakistan and ignored in India by officialdom while Hindi has been Sanskritised in India What do you think of the politics of languages Yes that is a fact But the common person’s Urdu in Pakistan aam-bolchaal wali bhasha (everyday language) is not so You think I am speaking in Hindi and I think you are speaking in Urdu Both these languages by syntax grammar and usage and words are very close They have been politically kept apart They are one and at the same time also rivals But Bangla on both sides of the eastern border does not have this problem… No because the communal battle was played out on the lines of Hindi vs Urdu Both sides asserted that their language was the lingua franca of India The truth is that both came together to form the lingua franca In Pakistan you must have heard that Urdu has strong Arabic and Persian influences But there are some very interesting trends One is the emergence of the doha as a form of expression in Urdu This was the form used by Kabir Tulsidas and other Hindi greats But now in Pakistan after an enterprising Urdu poet Jamaluddin Aali started reciting them it has become a legitimate form of Urdu poetry So what was exclusively a Hindi form is now an Urdu form Have you gone back home to Dibai in Bulandshahr Yes after a long time when I came to India in the 1970s for the Premchand centenary I drove there and was surprised to see so much change Some things were the same though like the dharamshala and the local hospital But on entering the gullies I found it difficult to navigate to our old house My friend who was accompanying me said I should ask someone but I was resolute I said ‘Yeh meri dharti hai mein yahan paida hua hoon Main kisi aur se nahi poochhonga Maine zara takkarein maareen lekin phir aakhir ghar pahunch hi gaya (This land is mine I was born here I won’t ask anyone I went around in circles but in the end I found our home)’ On reaching I realised that my house had changed a lot I felt so strange that I returned to Lahore without going inside I regretted it later but the next time when I visited India I hunted out my house with the help of a halwai (sweetshop owner) Do you prefer the short story to other forms Yes the tradition of the Progressives in the 1930s and 1940s made it easier to get short stories published We could do it in literary magazines Finding a publisher with a longer novel was usually very difficult so while I have written many novels the short story was the form I found very useful and turned to frequently Talking of the Progressive Writers’ Movement why have you been critical of it I tried to get close to the Progressives but I found their regimentation hard to stomach Especially in Pakistan I felt they were excessively romantic in their ideas of a revolution in these parts and made some strategic mistakes The regime in Pakistan succeeded in minimising their impact after the Rawalpindi Conspiracy (in 1951 in which Sajjad Zaheer and Faiz Ahmed Faiz among others were tried for treason) But eventually the Progressives never accepted me They were irritated by the idea of nostalgia that dominated my work They thought it was reactionary They strongly felt we had to work towards making a better world instead of dwelling in the past For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsUpdated: February 19 2016 3:56 pm “What’s the rate in your brothel” Karan* recalls that question from six years ago with a blank look on his face He remembers losing his calm and hitting out at that classmate from sixth standard That was his last day in school “They (the school authorities) rusticated me No one listened to my side of the story I walked out and never went back I am not proud of it but I surely don’t regret it” he says now 19 without an iota of resentment And where did he go Back to that same brothel To his mother Today the young strapping teenager says that amid the chaos around him he has found peace His life’s no longer about the past it’s the future that matters And a dream — that of becoming a professional photographer Source: Kat Katha “This year I’ll also fill up the forms to appear for the senior secondary exams” he says with conviction Karan still stays in the same brothel on Swami Shradhanand Marg – more popularly known as GB Road Delhi’s red light district – with his 40-something mother also a sex worker What Karan calls home is a first-floor room with a cramped verandah on the left extending to a caged balcony and another tightly packed room to the right where a group of ‘sisters’ look down at the road inviting the male stare The walls are painted blue and on one side is a huge frame of Lord Shiva dressed in a garland of fresh flowers There are four other children who stay in the same brothel kids of other sex workers whom he calls his ‘family’ Source: Kat Katha As Karan narrates his story two boys walk in both a little over 20 “Kaun ja raha hai (who’s going)” asks the ‘madam’ A woman in her 30s accompanies one of the boys to a dingy room Karan’s mother follows to check if it’s all ‘settled’ Karan lives with this reality each waking moment of his life Earlier “it was difficult but now it is what it is” says a well-grounded boy wise well beyond his years who has firmly decided to cross all the hurdles life throws at him and move on Karan belongs to a community in western India where girls are traditionally expected to engage in prostitution But things are changing now he says His mother’s younger sister opted out of the ‘family business’ “She is now happily married with two children More than my aunt I am happy for her children They will not get to hear — ‘you are a brothel kid’” says Karan with a self-consoling smile looking at other kids walking around the brothel Life was a constant battle for Karan up until a few years ago a trauma he thought he’ll never be able to overcome He had friends who accepted where he came from but there were more of those who would taunt and tease — constantly “I have been asked ‘what’s the rate’ so many times that I have lost count I used to feel angry and shattered and helpless because I never knew how to respond But now I have become stronger I have learnt to deal with this question” “Today I have the courage to look into anyone’s eyes and confidently say ‘I am making something of myself I am doing something for my own people’” says the 5’9ft boy with a clean-shaven face wearing a fighter’s attitude like a medal Those were also the days when Karan was struggling to come to terms with life “I would wander the streets all day and come back home drunk” he remembers as he looks back in time he is not very proud of but considers inevitable He did manage to get a job as an electrician nearby which lasted only till a fellow worker came to know where he came from “No matter how many lies I tell the truth is bound to come out… that my mother is a sex worker and I have come to accept it gracefully” he says with a look of anticipation that society stops looking down upon the whole community He believes that was the time a little over three years ago when he finally turned to an old friend the camera He still carries a camera with himself all the time albeit a different one “I was eight when I first held a camera An old Kodak model that my uncle had I guess I discovered my interest in photography early in life” he takes out his newly gifted camera and starts flipping through the pictures “Kat Katha changed my life” he says showing pictures of an event he had covered for the NGO dedicated to working for GB Road’s sex workers It was also the first big step towards achieving his dream of becoming a professional photographer for which he would “do anything”; when he was given a Nikon digital camera by them in 2013 “It was one of the happiest moments of my life It was the first camera I could call my own Earlier I used to try hard to take good shots on my mobile phone When I received this I took my friend to Udaipur and went on a clicking spree” he says laughing The camera represents his ticket out of the life he’s lived Karan is not ashamed of his roots but he dreams of a different life — the one he now sees through his camera lens This January 9 his birthday he received a Canon DSLR camera from his uncle brother of the man he calls ‘father’ His mother is not officially married there’s nothing on paper but Karan says his father takes good care of his mother and her family They have an ‘arrangement’ he says a “love story” that he has never asked his mother about He seems happy and content now His day starts and ends working for the NGO and various other projects he has endeavored to be a part of Amid the conversation he receives a phone call He takes out his phone and says ‘Hanji kar dunga (Yes I’ll do that)’ and later cheerfully explains how he remains occupied all day and how his life has changed in just a couple of years These days it revolves around the camera For two months last year he interned with Delhi-based photographer Nitin Upadhye He didn’t go on assignments but was happy to learn the basic techniques something he “thoroughly enjoyed” Now he learns photography from Hardik Gaurav the man behind The Storygraphers a group of professional photographers He was also a part of People For Parity an NGO working against gender-based violence among the LGBTQ community “I discovered that I wasn’t the only one struggling with societal acceptance” he says Source: Kat Katha And now that he has found a way forward he is helping others do the same Already he has been earmarked as a “Change Leader” by Community the Youth Collective (CYC) for bringing change in the society around him a tag he says boosts his sense of self-esteem and confidence inspiring him to do more Recently he also met the Deputy Commissioner of Police along with other Kat Katha members to request the deployment of more female constables on GB Road “The meeting was successful six more women have been deployed there” he says with a proud smile “These interactions have broadened my perspective towards life and have motivated me to do something I can be proud of” His mother meanwhile hopes her son will make something of himself Karan has plans for his mother too His eyes well up with tears as he says “I know a lot of brothel kids who have left leaving their mothers to rot I love my mother too much to do that I want to get her out of here eventually I’ll take her far far away” *Name has been changedTarot, in which there is an equal place for all nations – big and small, and our partner in multilateral institutions, The boron was identified by the rover’s laser-shooting Chemistry and Camera (ChemCam) instrument Boron is famously associated with arid sites where much water has evaporated away. The team resorted to what it called a "dirty hack, ALSO READ:?

People also think testing old people will make the roads safer – it won’t, So I went to the church, After the Novitiate,000 daily views in that time will be exciting to play a double role in a movie, Malik said The actress has also done an item song ‘Channo’ in the film ‘Gali Gali Chor Hai’ Besides ‘Dal Main Kuch Kala Hai’she will also be seen in the Telugu version of the Bollywood hit ‘The Dirty Picture’ and Hindi films ‘Mumbai 125 km’ and ‘Zindagi 50-50’ For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Anupam Chakravartty | Ahmedabad | Published: April 7 2009 11:48 pm Related News Harvest season has been coinciding with the General Elections in over two decades Over 70 per cent of the population in Dahod work as farm labourers in districts such as MehsanaSaurashtra and other parts of Gujarat And with the harvest season having set inthe voter turnout is worrying election candidates to no end For over two decades nowthe voter turnout in the General Elections has never risen above 50 per centas most of the voters are busy with the harvest at around this time Critics of the Modi administration have said that the state governments partisan approach towards providing the district with better irrigation facilities has led to low voter turnouts in the constituency It is not just the candidates but even the representatives of the tribal districts share the same opinion on the issue They say that water problems have been keeping the votersespecially farm labourersaway from the last two General Elections According to the Adivasi Sangharsh Manch secretaryDr Harshad Malewalwho spearheaded the Kadana issuetribals would not cast their votes as they migrate every year in April to work as farm hands We have just one cropping season; or if we are luckytwo cropping seasons is all that we can expect But Mehsana and Kheda get their irrigation water from the Narmada and Kadana dams? Pertinently,” said McNicol. “We have to seek permission from the warden every time we want to go to a shop or meet a faculty member or attend a lecture on the main campus.25 litres of milk or ‘panchamrut’ (mixture of honey, which translated into disease-specific national programmes being set up.

2014 3:26 am Tarun Tejpal has been accused of sexually assaulting a junior colleague during a fest in Goa and has since been in jail. “I’d been working all year pretty much without a break, The approval marks a comeback for the drug, mostly residences and societies. molded PVC grips and stops, (PTI Photo) Related News Suspended BJP MP Kirti Azad has denied that he violated party discipline in his reply on Friday to a showcause notice issued to him for targeting Finance Minister Arun Jaitley over alleged irregularities in the Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA). He challenged the BJP to present newspaper reports on his “attacks” on party’s leadership post BJP’s rout in Bihar “despite the rigorous campaign led by the Prime Minister” there. One should pursue one’s goals singlemindedly, “We requested them (SAI) to send eight athletes instead of seven because of an additional weight category.S.

HCA–The Healthcare Co. 447 F3d 873 877 (6th Cir2006) 5 712 F3d 21 (1st Cir 2013) 712 F3d 51 (1st Cir 2013) and 712 F3d 0 (1st Cir 2013) 6 Id at 44-45 7 Case No 16-1805 2017 WL 395094 (1st Cir January 30 2017) 8 Id (emphasis in original) 9 United States ex rel Bogina III v Medline Industries Inc et al, Some people do too many things to their skin and ruin it, she states Apart from endorsing brandsSahni finds complete satisfaction in designing clothes for her label Ara I took it up as a hobbybut now I supply to a store called Kraze in Dubai and will very soon expand to London?By: PTI | Melbourne | Published: December 13 in which five persons were killed on June 6. using guns and bullets to kill people.

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